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Conversation Between Myssa Rei and usspaul
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  1. Myssa Rei
    2015-12-02 22:48
    Myssa Rei
    My Abukuma is level 97, and my Jintsu is level 92, with Jintsuu using the Night Scout, and by all evidence it SHOULD have been enough to reach the boss node, but I kept on getting routed N rather than NW. So I swapped Jintsuu out with Tone, and used Tone's extra slot for a Zuiun, and add to this the Night Scout I transferred from Jintsuu, and LOS problems solved.
  2. usspaul
    2015-12-02 21:08
    just wonder I saw how you said you didn't have enough los to make it to the boss? what are the lvl of your girls cause I used kita, and abukuma in my fleet and didn't have an issue making it to the boss. infact during the who clearing phase I used both of them and yudachi, shigure, amatsukaze and ayanami as my fleet and I never had an issue making to boss. everyone was equipped for double attack and had the type 22 radars.

    again sorry if I am bothering you
  3. usspaul
    2015-12-01 21:51
    I hope this doesnt piss you off or anything but if you have some of those reinforcement thing you can add a demcon to your girls. Thats what i did during my runs at most between clearing the tp gauge and killing the boss i only used 5 demcons. So that could help a bit anyways good luck and hopefully you dont get to many sorties with the Imps they were the worst
  4. usspaul
    2014-08-15 01:29
    I hope you don't mind me asking but the planes you put on your bbvs were they bombers or regular recon. I plane to try and use your set up for e-4
  5. usspaul
    2014-05-17 06:20
    I see well again im really sorry to here that. btw ive been spending a lot of time reading about the bannings on that one kantai forum. maybe their you can see were your account fit in with the bans? I know some of the things that seemed consistent with the bans was using the kantai tools with the viewer. their might have been an option that was giving red flags ? I dunno but its good to see your back in the game
  6. Myssa Rei
    2014-05-17 05:40
    Myssa Rei
    I was able to play while I was at my cousin's place, so yes, I WAS able to play using just the API. it's just when I got home that apparently the ban took effect.
  7. usspaul
    2014-05-16 08:02
    hi um I don't mean to add insults to injury on your banning of kanti. but I was just wondering if before you decided to update your api were you able to play it before connecting on vpn? also I want to say I feel sorry for you and hope that you would be able to make another account to play again
  8. Myssa Rei
    2014-03-15 09:50
    Myssa Rei
    Hmm, I had to change my API because I needed to buy something from the store (which meant I needed to log in to DMM the usual way), but I don't see any rumblings that the API reset will come back.
  9. Myssa Rei
    2014-02-14 10:47
    Myssa Rei
    2-4 is a brute-force map. You hit it with four battleships and two carriers, all level 35+, and nothing else. If you get routed northwest, reload. Simple as that.

    Otherwise if you have level 25+ subs, you can also subcheese it, and hope to get a B at the boss node.

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