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Conversation Between KrimzonStriker and npal
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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-03 19:33
    I'm already doing that, but still I'd also know everyone else would be reading such posts even if I don't, so I'll keep an eye out and report them when I have to <_<
  2. npal
    2008-10-03 19:27
    Would you have known it's getting derailed if you had it on ignore? Plus, there's a simple psychological rule. When you do not respond to a behavior, that behavior will eventually get minimized or erased. What would you do if the people answering your posts somehow started getting fewer and fewer? Would you still jump the gun on anything and everything? Well maybe, but the frustration would eventually cause you to get banned
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-03 19:16
    Right, right, not going to let people desecrate Rolo's thread by not even talking about him anymore though >_>
  4. npal
    2008-10-03 19:15
    Just wait a bit, this stuff takes time. Oh, but in the case nothing happens in the end, I told you ignore is your friend. I hardly see the post
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-03 18:17
    They make up for it with persistence. Ah well, so long as we have a strong wall of solidarity then I guess it doesn't really matter
  6. npal
    2008-10-03 18:16
    True enough, but I seriously doubt they're more. I believe the difference in numbers is overwhelmingly favoring us. They just have more trolls
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-03 18:14
    It does feel a bit like a war zone now a days. Part of the reason why I helped form this group with kir44n to help organize our camp and provide sanctuary on the matter
  8. npal
    2008-10-03 18:10
    Persecuted?? We have one of the largest groups on the forum Who's getting persecuted? And by whom? And I doubt the rest of the internet is much different, it was said in the thread that Japanese fans are also fighting over whether Lelouch is alive or dead, we just don't know the statistics.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-03 18:07
    Yeah, I got it, just don't like getting heckled for it now a days, feels like we're getting persecuted and I don't think that's fair at all really. Ah well, letting it go, letting it go, its really just going to end up going in circles anyway I guess
  10. npal
    2008-10-03 18:03
    LOL, well you have to admit some of the arguments people from our side say ARE farfetched and yeah, they have been pretty much countered, even I can understand that. But some arguments ARE based on ambiguity, so we have a right to believe he's alive as much as the others can believe he's dead. And I've seen normal people wanting him to be dead without being trolls. Just stick to those and ignore the rest.

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