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Conversation Between KrimzonStriker and Dann of Thursday
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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2018-03-20 20:33
    Dann of Thursday
    No prob man, best of luck with both. I'm in the Austin area though none of this has happened near me yet and hopefully it stays that way. Hope they catch the nutjob soon too. My complex has lockers for packages so I'd know to avoid any showing up at my doorstep. Thanks for checking in
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2018-03-19 22:11
    Hey, gonna get my response up next week when I get a day off, currently busy trying to get the latest chapter of my fic up along with needing to work on a new assignment for my paralegal course. Just want to check in and see if you're okay, recently heard about the Austin bombings and forgot if you were there or in Houston. Let me know as soon as you see this if everything's okay
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2018-03-16 00:27
    Dann of Thursday
    Apologies for late response. Just sort of been wrapped up in work and such.

    Great! Hope it indeed ends up panning out for you.

    Some have actually called him the next Miyazaki, though he's been noted as uncomfortable with that title given that their style of works are very different and of course the kind of pressure that comes with that sort of expectation. That's really interesting they went for that route with things. I feel like I don't see too many dubs that take that kind of liberty with things.

    Anime wise the only thing right now really would be Magus Bride and Darling in the Franxx. The former has been surprising because they're literally right at the end of current manga and the most recent chapter doesn't quite resolve things so I guess they'll do something original. Franxx I'm intrigued about mostly because I want to know what's up with the world, but otherwise it feels pretty standard. Given it's 2-cour it seems to be taking it's time but I expect it'll do a shakeup soon. Manga wise it's Shokugeki and One Piece for carry overs. Sort of skimming on AoT but starting to feel like letting that one just accumulate till it ends. New stuff (for a given value since this was last year I started reading) I've gotten really into would be Dungeon Meshi (Fantasy Cooking/Comedy manga about an adventuring party cooking up creatures in a magical dungeon while on a rescue mission) and Kaguya Wants To Be Confessed To (Comedy-Romance I guess though it's main focus is two individuals trying to force the other to confess out of a prideful belief that whoever confesses gives up power and advantage).

    Been anything further on that one? I also think I saw they're releasing some new version of Cold Steel on PS4/PC or something? It's been going alright though there's a lot to learn and I tend to worry I'm not picking it up as fast as I should. Just super fearful about losing my job given what happened before.

    I also need to apologize as I haven't gotten to reading your story yet, but I plan to get to it this weekend. Need to take my car in Saturday to have it looked at (again...) so I'll probably be reading while that gets taken care of.

    Wasn't aware they'd done a graphic version, which is neat. Didn't they do comics of the original Thrawn series or am I thinking of something else? That's fair enough and I can always appreciate ending something at a set point compared it carrying on forever. Nice to see that came out though I still need to read the first. Need to read Words of Radiance too come to think of it. Yeah, I'm not sure what to really do with all that given where things are now. Yep, definitely agree and had a good time at that one. Really enjoyed Wakanda and honestly would have enjoyed more scenes going into their culture and the politics of it all. Michael B. Jordan was fantastic too and I really wish he'd had more scenes honestly. Seeing Isle of Dogs in a couple weeks and a friend got an extra ticket for Ready Player One the weekend it comes out, though I'm a fair bit more iffy on that one. Free though so I can't really complain.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2018-02-24 23:41
    That's awesome news, glad there wasn't too much upheaval.

    Got admitted to the paralegal program, so the next 8-16 weeks will be active now for me at least, and hopefully it pans out into a better paying job in the future.

    Same, maybe there's some hope after Miyazaki but we'll see. The Shokugeki dub is entertaining and makes it worth seeing at least just to find out how much the reinterpret everything, made an interesting distraction while I caught up with the Shokugeki manga as well. Anything you are keeping up with at the moment manga or anime wise, Attack on Titan, Ancient Magus bride etc? Yeah, Ao's done, they're still on these checks though and it's been over a week still... hope they manage to come out sometime by the end of this month, or early March so we can finally have some English version of all the games out at last Understandable, hopefully things clear up/calm down on your end to where you get some free time to relax, good luck with the new job in any event Okay then, since you're relatively up to date with the show and have read the first book and know the theory nothing should be too much of a spoiler... here's the link. Bit behind right now, but hopefully I get a chance to update next week now that all this last minute registration stuff is finally over and before I deal with anything too serious with the classes. Anyway, let me know what you think about my take and if you need an explanations

    Well, in the mean time there's always the new Thrawn book (and graphic version of the first book) to look forward to. EDIT: Also I think the Director for Rebels said they wanted to move on and work on other Star Wars animated related projects, so we'll just have to wait and see how that plays out. In the meantime I just got and read my copy of White Sand Volume 2 at last, which was a relief after all the delays. Oh and definitely agree about LJ resistance scenes, that stuff felt really stagnant but hopefully they pick things up in the next movie. Speaking of though, I can confidently say Black Panther at least lives up to all its hype and can very surely recommend you go see it if you already haven't, really good stuff. Let me know what you think when you do check it out
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2018-02-18 20:35
    Dann of Thursday
    Thanks! Yep, same apartment and such which I'm happy about. Drive is a bit longer but otherwise fine.

    Hope you hear something soon!

    I quite liked Your Name as well and didn't know the Shokugeki dub was that silly with how they took the dialogue. That one I'm behind on currently. Oh right the Ao games were finished or near it, right? No, haven't been gaming as much as now playing catch up though my shift is 9-6 so I don't end up with too much time before I need to get to bed. Provided the books ever end up coming out that is. True, I imagine that's the big one people might want to try. Yes, I'm fully aware of that theory. I'd actually be surprised if that didn't end up happening in the books, but who knows.

    I wonder if they have anything in mind to replace it. Yeah, I think the stuff with Kylo and Rey was the best part of the movie, but was more mixed on the Finn and Resistance plots. It definitely got me more invested in him compared to TFA.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2018-02-18 00:32
    No big, understand perfectly in fact, just glad everything's going well on your end at least, and congrats So, are you still in Texas then I take it?

    Did that a few times, though those were often civil jobs being offered with all the damn exam and certification processes before they can even consider giving you a position thus far <_< Yeah, me too, looking into this paralegal certificate program while I wait to hear back word from the NYC job agency for any word on an offer after my civil exam for an environmental inspector job.

    Wouldn't be surprised, I started to play catch up with a lot at around the end of the year, between manga's, and webtoon series, only just started with animes again (finally watched the Your Name Movie, which was surprisingly good, and the first half of the 3rd season of Shokugeki along with the dub which feels like an abridged series with how much dialogue they took licenses with ). Had a chance to read through anymore of Shoukoku no Altair btw (medieval alternate setting with based in the equivalent of Turkey manga just a reminder) Also been playing my way through the Trails of Cold Steel games since 2 just came out (holding off until it's patched/bug fixed though), while eagerly waiting to chance to eventually try out an edited fan translation patch for the Crossbell games. Don't take it you've managed to get through Trails in the Sky yet though? Nah, I totally get it, it's a bit intense at times though I have some hope things will start to turn around somewhat like they have recently on the show. Nah, that'd be too boring and standard. If you know the R+L=J theory then I can tell you

    Yup, after this season, and the last half of it is set to pick back up with broadcasting this Monday. Eh, I saw Last Jedi, wasn't the best movie but think I liked the overrall direction they were going with honestly, made Kylo more interesting when I initially kind of hated his character so that's got me invested enough now to see how it all ends.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2018-02-14 21:42
    Dann of Thursday
    Hey man. Apologies for being off the grid for a while. Got sidetracked and then further side tracked. Anyway, ended up getting two offers in the end and accepting one. Into my second week now and I think (or hope) it's going well. Hope things go well for you too.

    Going in person can certainly help as well as looking at things like job fairs and such. Some places where I am even did things called hiring events where they interviewed tons of people, though that had some preliminary stuff before as well. I really hope you get something soon.

    Yeah, feels a little sparse right now though that could also just be me missing other stuff. I've actually picked up a number of new manga to read now in addition. I've fallen behind on a lot including reading. The books are also the type I feel the need to take a break from given how bleak they can be. Nothing that comes to mind. I admit I find that bleakness a bit draining, which I guess is the main thing. Ah gotcha. What does Rhaegar live or something like that? I know the gist of a lot of things that happen though some of it is mixed in with the show I'm sure. Spoilers don't really affect me anymore honestly.

    Isn't Rebels supposed to be ending soon. I'm curious what you'll think. I had some issues myself.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2018-01-12 13:53
    Weather's finally letting up these past for days so that's good. Same here. Hey, I'm happy for you, certainly better then what I'm getting so far which is few if any responses. I hope so. Yeaahhh, it's never a good idea to have a car just sit out there for long periods of time like that on the street during a trip or vacation no matter what neighborhood, it's basically an open invitation for someone to try something. Here's hoping, and that your insurance hopefully managed to kick in to help.

    Yeah, once I'm a bit further writing my story I'll probably start looking up agencies by at most the end of the month, the online application thing is just not working right now for me as I hear very little back. Let's just say I'm REALLY counting on that civil service exam I took last year to pulls through now <_<

    Pretty much the same on my end, got a few animes I want to finish though some are still ongoing or just beginning this season so I'm content to wait on them for now. Yeah, took 5 years but I finally managed it Ah, that is pretty far behind. Definitely suggest you get through book 3 as it encompasses seasons 3 and 4 so you'll make good progress on both fronts with that. How do you like A Song of Ice and Fire so far anyway, have any questions you'd like me to clarify? Err, the change happens in the far past during Robert's Rebellion, so it's almost a total AU fic from the books due to that one change I made. I can't say anything more without spoiling stuff for you though. I mean, just how much DO you know in terms of current events exactly? I'd hate for you to have been spoiled by some of the more crucial/intricate details

    Suppose you're right on Thrawn, there is not rush between the summer release and Rebels Season 4 not having finished yet. That might change. Also have to check out the Last Jedi on my end <_<
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2018-01-05 14:21
    Dann of Thursday
    Traffic is probably pretty heavy there too I imagine, which can sort of help with practice in those kinds of conditions. Yeah, hopefully something comes sooner rather than later. I've gotten more hits than I would have thought honestly, which I'm grateful for. I hadn't done too many interviews prior to this either so it's been good practice. It gets better generally the more you get used to it. And good luck with the hunt! Well, the friend was out of the country with another friend dogsitting. He'd seen it be just fine most of the time. It had just been towed due to the damage the day before I got home apparently and he didn't realize as he hadn't ventured out. Friend felt terrible when she got back, especially since this sort of thing had never happened in their neighborhood to their knowledge. I'll need to get a new car too eventually at some point so hopefully this one manages to last a bit longer while I try to save up for that.

    Pretty much my approach. I've got a few others I followed up on who said they'd start interviewing in the Spring so there's that too. But yeah the agencies generally have a lot of stuff available I've found.

    Haven't really gotten many games lately in part due to saving and due to trying to get through the backlog if I can. I've seen a few of what's been out recently as well as some new manga series I've started reading, but largely quiet on that front I guess. And nice! Don't have the latter at all and only through book 2 on the former. Not exactly like I need to be in a hurry unless those last two books come out in quick succession. Oh so does it take place after the point the books stopped at and the show started diverging? The show I've only gotten through the second season, though it's one of those cases where I have a general understanding of what's going on in current events. Like I know all how the most recent one ended for instance.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2018-01-04 13:49
    Thanks, definitely put in the work for that one, including staying with family out in Long Island to practice. Oh hey that's great to hear, I wish you good luck on that. You've been doing better then me so far, hardly hear anything back most times so at least you've got that going. Now that I have my license I may have to start venturing out of NYC to find any kind of job at this rate, even though I'm not the most comfortable driver yet for obvious reasons. Sucks about the car but glad to hear it's not a total loss with the insurance, hope you told your friend off for not looking after it

    Yeah, I'm thinking I'll have to start going back to those options soon if nothing changes within the next month or so.

    Yeah, I've picked up a few steam games from the winter sale to while away the time too, plus my writing and reading other fanfics recently. Need to catch up on anime though, only thing I follow consistently right now is RWBY. (speaking of finally got Kara's signature on Monty's poster so I got everyone from the production staff at last ) Well I hope that includes the A Song of Ice and Fire and the Thrawn book as well at least, as there's a new Thrawn novel out this summer so best catch up soon if you haven't already. Book continuity mostly though I'll use the show to fill in gaps when needed along with weaving in easter eggs exclusive to the tv series as well. So again, how far along are you on either of those mediums? Cause I would like to get your thoughts on my work if possible

    Amen to that

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