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Conversation Between stray and cheesie
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  1. cheesie
    2009-10-16 10:07
    My computer is still coughing up some strange hairballs and other things I should not mention, I'll be back veeeeryyy veeeeryyy soon! I see you've been spreading strange rumors about me and that creature Beechwes, too, you shall be locked in a room full of panting, shota ukes when I get back! :EEEEEEE
  2. stray
    2009-10-16 00:06
    ZOMG I missed the cookiemonster hit and run... glad to hear you're not ded tho.

    Also that topic hasn't been changed in over a month... back when you and Westlo went missing someone said you went camping together or something. I R innosent!!!

    Things aren't the same without ya tho... ; ;
  3. stray
    2009-09-27 21:53
    Hrmm... I'm still torn on Senjougahara... but episode 12 was really sweet.

    How go your computer woes? I've been travelling but still around... actually got into a conversation about "shifty" Aussies yesterday and thought about you and Westlo... :E
  4. stray
    2009-09-15 01:02
    Fix it!!! Hurry!!! The troops are getting restless! Get a Mac if you have to!!! Moreover, I highly recommend it! :E

    Good to hear you're alive tho, I was asking around and the last anyone heard you went camping... rumors have been circulating from being eaten by a bear to eloping with Westlo. I'm making all this up btw.
  5. cheesie
    2009-09-14 07:14
    I'm still alive! :EEEEE

    (Just that my computer is still dead the last time I poked Wes, oh well. *goes to sulk*)
  6. cheesie
    2009-05-02 06:31
    Come back to us, stray!
  7. cheesie
    2009-02-28 02:52
    What, those are the easiest parts of the game. During the Konohana Shuffle, when the elder does his thing, draw a rough circle in the center, but not too big that you end up fitting the whole thing inside. Also drawing more at the empty spaces behind the trees just makes the sun pop up. Come on, stray, jump over that fail of a hurdle so you can get to the good parts already!
  8. stray
    2009-02-26 04:39
    Nononononono, not the art style... I <3 the art style on the whole. I'm talking about the parts (I'm assuming they're in the PS2 version too) where you have to help someone along with the brush strokes. Like helping slash wooden dummies or the bear for the "hero," or where I'm at now I have to draw like 90 circles in quick succession to help with the Konohana shuffle. Except I draw circle number 5 perfectly and the game decides to give me... the sun. Instead of blooming. Sigh.

    Maybe I'll do a cherry bomb next time for kicks...

    Anyway drawing a slash and such with the Wii-mote works really well on the whole, although there's no real other bonuses or difference playing on the Wii from what I read.
  9. cheesie
    2009-02-24 00:13
    You have blah taste in art, Okami's watercolor art style is one of the finer points that made it endearing! Well, art style aside, the game gets notoriously addictive as you go on. Tell me you didn't get a kick when everyone's heads bobbed up and down in sync whenever they're speaking!
  10. stray
    2009-02-23 19:13
    stray I remember why I put Okami down in the first place... ZOMG the forced drawing parts are hellish!!! I was seriously going to throw the controller at the TV during the "Konohana Shuffle."

    Definitely is growing on me though, now to see if I can just get past that part... someday...

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