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Conversation Between raile and BetoJR
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  1. raile
    2011-04-06 11:37
    Poor hand.

    LOL. Nothing like making a stir-fried meal over the already-beaten-to-death horse.
    I guess there are just some people who are not willing to let go of the Ranka-Angel image and will just go at it.

    On the light novels speculation, I'm saving my breath, as there's no official summary on it, and is based on speculations. Just like that 2nd movie ending where Alto supposedly lives, how wrong that turned out to be. In any case, I can already hear the Wankians celebrating. In fact, there's one now. The ever-vigilant Aruran warrior, LMK! Someone should give her a medal for annoyance, err, persistence.
    Funny how she deleted majority of the stupidity she posted on the board. What a coward.
  2. BetoJR
    2011-04-06 10:18
    Yeah, I'm full of calluses, already. But, anyway, it's damn well worth it.

    On a related note, did you notice how it's always the same arguments over the Macross board? And always with the same people? It kinda gives us a hope for routine, no?
  3. raile
    2011-04-06 04:15
    Poor you. Guess it's just you and your hand then.

    Haven't seen the movie, but if the book got me bawling, then I do NOT want to watch it.

    Night Shift Nurses....*shudder*.

    *Charges on mundane things with the card*
  4. BetoJR
    2011-04-05 16:21
    Not enough rooms with two kids, even if one is still inside her tummy...

    And I knew that book title seemed familiar, it's the basis for the movie Charly and, later, the TV movie with Matthew Modine. Nonetheless, I'll track the book down (and the short story, now that I know of it).

    I'm all for vintage naughtiness. Cool Devices was actually one of the very first shows I did see. That and Night Shift Nurses, which still gives me nightmares... Will look up Midnight Sleazy Train ASAP.

    But, please, go easy on the boyfriend's credit... Easy always does it.
  5. raile
    2011-04-05 11:41
    Tsk. If it's True Blood style, there'll be more banging than blood-consumption. Best for you and your wife to get a room.

    The authoress was a feminist and Jo was the character that was most designed to be like her, so when she received fangirl letters about that character and Laurie on marriage, household pleasantries and the like...she wasn't pleased.

    You'll like the book. Though, be prepared to shed some tears, especially towards the end.

    Hmm, for hentai...I'm quite fond of the err, vintage ones and the ones under Milky Animation Label, specifically Midnight Sleazy Train. There are also a couple of episodes in Cool Devices that are actually nice.

    I'll get my own channel one day!
    *swipes boyfriend's credit card*
  6. BetoJR
    2011-04-04 16:15
    Care to share some cups, then, True Blood-style?

    I didn't know that about Little Women. But you're right, those two would most likely get along.
    I'll look for that book you mentioned - although the title is awfully familiar...

    And, no, I won't stop showing off my pr0n, just because it's funny to see you foam at the mouth! And I gotta pay you back for The Fox and the Hound.
    Also, is there any good hentai these days? I swear the last good one I've seen was one of those Necronomicon things... not much to me, honestly.
  7. raile
    2011-04-04 12:09
    I am eternally young~
    My very blood is the secret to the mountain dew fountain of youth!

    Nothing beats the good old classics. Reading is a great pastime. Though I'm still pretty sour on Little Women to this day. The authoress was one of the first anti-shippers in her time for preventing Jo/Laurie to be canon. She was pissed at the shipper fans--so much, that she vowed not to get those two together. Makes me think that she and a certain someone on the boards would have definitely gotten along well.

    Oh and read Flowers for Algernon if you haven't. It's really good and it makes me emotional remembering what I read. X'D



    Stop showing off your porn! Without my laptop, I can't watch my dosage!

  8. BetoJR
    2011-04-04 11:42
    Laugh it up, fuzzball.
    Wait 'till you're old and gray like me.
    But it's the mileage that counts, ya hear?

    Oh, and I'm way ahead of you on the whole pulp thing. I practically grew up on them, Tarzan, The Mars Chronicles, Doc Savage and, later, Conan, Kull, Solomon Kane and all the rest of REH stuff, let alone Poe and Lovecraft. At least they didn't ruin any childhood memories of mine - but helped them along.

    Oh, and did I mention that one of the channels is the Hustler-brand filth? Very nice...
  9. raile
    2011-04-04 08:53
    Well, don't force them then, grandpa--err, pal!
    You should hire one of 'em boyscouts to escort you when you cross the street, just to be safe, hehehehe...

    Not my cup of poison either. XP

    The remake is okay (i.e. decent), but pales light years in comparison to the original. Granted, the story is different in many ways...

    Playboy fluff....GAH. >.>

    LOL, I did warn you about the depression.
    You were better off in your Disney-version bubble. Oh and try not to read the original Tarzan book as well, the ending isn't quite the happy one as portrayed in Disney.
  10. BetoJR
    2011-04-03 12:56
    The knees are better, as long as I don't force them. Not likely, but hey... I only get one or two crisis a year, so I'm okay.

    And yeah, the whole "secular state" thing seems to be going out of fashion mighty quickly, isn't it? I find denying the existence of a superior being around us to be completely impossible, myself, but I don't go around preaching or proselytizing. Not my cup of tea.

    And we've seen The Little Shop and the Meg Ryan one, but Yours... we haven't seen the remake (didn't even know about it). Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda are simply irreplaceable, in my book.

    As I said, don't hate me. Not even when I tell you I just got another two channels for an undisclosed period of time (and none of that Playboy Channel fluff, mind).

    Finally, now *I* hate *YOU*. The Fox and The Hound novel is one of the most depressing stories I ever read in my life. *snif*

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