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Conversation Between Tormenk and StratoSpear
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  1. Tormenk
    2009-10-07 09:38
    I did say I have never bought from them but those who have give positive responses.

    V2HW and GunplaSG both suffer from the same problems: good prices but limited stock. Gunpla SG stocks newer stuff and have them for good prices on pre-order as well. Case being the coming MG Blue Frame, Kshatriya and PG 00.

    Since I'm at it..

    Local forum for gunpla fans. Best thing about this is any news of sales and promotions related to gunpla is guaranteed to be spread here quickly. Example being the 20% sale on Gunpla at BHG Bugis starting from last week.

    If you're eager for information about Gunpla SG, you can contact VD, a member of the forum above. He's purchased from them and apparently, purchases above $40 comes with free deliveries.
  2. StratoSpear
    2009-10-07 08:19
    SHIT! They sell Ignition Exia for $75!!?

    Have you purchased from here before? Are the items of good quality?
    If yes, then this may be my secondary gunpla website.

    Currently I'm purchasing gunpla from

    Cheap prices but severly limited in terms of stock. (Mostly due to the webpage not being updated often)
  3. Tormenk
    2009-10-07 01:06
    Just thought I would share this with a fellow local.

    I have never ordered from them but heard lots of good things about it. Limited range but prices are pretty good.
  4. StratoSpear
    2008-12-23 22:35
    Why hi there dude! Didn't know you're a Singaporean too.
  5. Tormenk
    2008-12-23 13:26
    Just thought it would be polite to say hello to a fellow countryman.
  6. StratoSpear
    2008-12-23 09:00
    Yep, I'm a Singaporean.

    What's up?
  7. Tormenk
    2008-12-23 07:48
    Just out of curiosity, are you from Singapore ?

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