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Conversation Between Anju-chan and Sumigirl
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  1. Anju-chan
    2010-07-10 23:39
    Hey! What's up? I've taken a really long time to get back on (again), but here I am! How are Pedro and Lucy?
  2. Sumigirl
    2010-05-03 15:54
    It's ok. it takes me a while sometimes as well. NM, i got 2 goldfish saturday:P their names are Pedro and Lucy:P i LOVE them they're sooooooooo cute how about you?
  3. Anju-chan
    2010-05-01 09:54
    Hi! Sorry it took me 4 months to reply back! What's up?
  4. Sumigirl
    2010-02-23 19:17
    Hey! whats up? we haven't talked in months!
  5. Sumigirl
    2009-11-09 17:29
    im barely hangin on. i guess i just haven't noticed. i do that alot, no notice things rite in front of my face. it's a common habit of mine.
  6. Anju-chan
    2009-11-04 22:28
    3? I've had my friends for a long time, haha. Sure, I'll msg 'em for ya!
    I'm good. Got through the first quarter of school, report cards, and ITBS scores, but now progress reports are coming up! But I'll survive.
  7. Sumigirl
    2009-10-21 18:23
    wtf?!?!?! didn't u have like 3 friends just a week ago? wow! tell sum of ur friends 2 check out my profile & send friend requests! u've got 40+friends than me now! anyway b4 i saw how many friends u had, i wanted 2 c how u were doing.
  8. Sumigirl
    2009-10-10 14:28
    i really just like watching things on air rather than watch them on the internet. it bugs me. idky though.
  9. Anju-chan
    2009-10-09 19:21
    Yay!!!! Oh, sorry! Hehe. Pandora Hearts just recently finished airing (in Japan ). So it's not licensed yet (but it better be.. and SOON!!!) You'd have to watch it subbed on the internet. I wonder how long it would normally take for an anime series to be licensed....*goes to silly questions thread*
  10. Sumigirl
    2009-10-09 14:40
    hey. i gotz a new friend yesterday! yay. i don't think fye has any pandors hearts and it doesn't air on cable i con't think...

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