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Conversation Between Hakai and DragonOsman
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  1. DragonOsman
    2017-03-19 11:00
    Yeah, that's the part I meant. It's vague, but it does seem like she can't control it on her own, right?

    I wonder what the resonance between Ophis and Lilith will mean. A fusion? Or will their powers just resonate to equal that of Ophis in her prime? If Ophis is still unstable right now, it'd be good for her to reach completed form so that she can be full and all again. Hopefully Lilith doesn't have to completel disappear, though.
  2. Hakai
    2017-03-19 10:43
    Ise probably wouldn't mind some bad reviews if got to see Gabriel for that


    Life 5 of V22, it's the only thing I can remember about Ophis going back to loli form.
  3. DragonOsman
    2017-03-19 10:32
    Yeah, he lost to Dulio by just two points. I wonder what kind of reviews he got for the match against Dulio's team. Dulio will have gotten good reviews for using Gabriel's body on him and distracting him, and Ise lost points for that, but aside from that it should be good.

    By the way, do you remember what chapter it was where we got the explanation for why Ophis is in her loli form again?
  4. Hakai
    2017-03-19 10:18
    He did very well against Dulio even though they had top tier strategy plus a team far stronger than Sona, he should win unless rules really screws him.
  5. DragonOsman
    2017-03-19 10:10
    Yeah, I know that it'll have new content instead of old side-stories (they're still side/short stories, just new ones rather than older ones, unlike how each of the DX Volumes so far had some that we'd already read before) and that the matches you mentioned will be in it. I'm looking forward to reading them, actually. It should be interesting to read the Ise vs. Sona match. I just hope Ise wins (and with good strategy if so, courtesy of Ravel and himself (he has to learn to come up with good tactics, too)) and gets good reviews for it.
  6. Hakai
    2017-03-19 10:03
    It'll have Ise vs Sona and Sairaorg vs Cao Cao.

    Don't know about the rest but I think someone said in the thread it'll be entirely about new stuff, not short stories.
  7. DragonOsman
    2017-03-19 10:00
    DX4/23.5 is a side-story compilation, though, so it can't show Ise completing AxA or ExE. And yeah, he can't completely control his Dragonification yet, so that still has to wait.
  8. Hakai
    2017-03-19 09:56
    I don't know about a sequel but with 23.5/DX4 we might still have a lot of contents if Ishibumi continues doing DX volumes with new contents.

    ExE still hasn't appeared according to Ajuka, while Ise can still Dragonify(though it's kinda half assed for now)... We'll see
  9. DragonOsman
    2017-03-19 09:38
    Yeah, hopefully the year will be within DxD itself so we can see the completed DxD G. Hopefully there'll be no drawbacks this time. I also want to see the completed Cardinal Crimson Queen, though.

    Will the form from the power within Great Red's flesh really be ExE? And then AxA will be the power beyond them that uses both Ophis' and Great Red's powers? I want to see the completed forms of both at some point. Maybe in a sequel if there's one about Ise.
  10. Hakai
    2017-03-19 08:41
    Ajuka says it'll take around a year for complete DxD, so good chance we'll see that before the end

    We'll also see a fraction of ExE in this tournament

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