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Conversation Between SweetHoney and Chiibi
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  1. Chiibi
    2014-06-10 00:25
    I also know you tend to use 'Chiibi' in your name too such as tumblr, twitter etc.
    oh yeah. XD
    I cannot brain today. I have the dumb. =( looool

    haha we all have graphics we're ashamed of. XD Some of mine are SO embarrassing...and my old posts....gawd, I want to smack myself from the past.
  2. SweetHoney
    2014-06-09 19:24
    Indeed you are everywhere~
    Seeing the heavy contribution on wxxs helped aha but I also know you tend to use 'Chiibi' in your name too such as tumblr, twitter etc. (God I sound like a stalker now XD)

    I was like 'I'll post in the wxxs~' then I saw you and put two and two together. I did use to be a regular here a lot but then I integrated to different forums and most series I liked went unnoticed at times so I sulked. Now doing the scanlating I end up using most my time with it then doing graphics like I used too (god don't go to my thread I have I'll die if you witness the bratty teenage me and crappy graphics x v x )
  3. Chiibi
    2014-06-09 10:57
    LOL!! HI!!
    Yeah, I'm everywhere. XD How did you know it was moi? I'm curious. Or maybe you saw my heavy contribution to the WNXXS thread?
  4. SweetHoney
    2014-06-08 22:40
    Ah! Mi~tsu~ke~ta Suki! When I saw you mention this place I was like 'Wait she's there too!?' then I remembred I haven't been here for ages myself ahaha. I promise I won't stalk you here ^^; I very rarely log in here anymore > x <

    Oh pssh it's Lacie btw

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