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Conversation Between Dark Faith and Triple_R
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  1. Dark Faith
    2014-02-14 19:53
    Dark Faith
    Funny you stopped at ep 3... I've been mostly fast forwarding through 4 and 5
    Still, I'd have to give it at least another episode to decide myself if the drama's good enough to warrant watching more seeing how ep5 ended on a dramatic cliffhanger.

    If all she gets is a slap in the wrist and a "be more careful", I'm out Her wish has so much dramatic potential that part of me is happy that they seem to finally want to explore that path, but the skeptical side of me doesn't believe they'll stray from the fluffy/happy theme too much.

    I'll let you know next week :P Right now my advice is: Don't bother catching up.
  2. Triple_R
    2014-02-14 18:49
    I'm behind on Inari Kon Kon. Even as somebody who tends to like some fluffy/sweet anime, this show is just too much for me. Or, at least, that's how I found Episode 3 before I stopped watching it half-way through. But if you think it's worth me getting back into for the wish drama, I'll do so.

    So what's your take there?
  3. Dark Faith
    2014-02-14 12:04
    Dark Faith
    Regarding our last little comment-chat about Inari Kon Kon, after the latest episode I expect Inari to take a little heat about her wish

    Spoiler for Inari Kon Kon's latest ep:
  4. Dark Faith
    2014-01-26 22:15
    Dark Faith
    Spoiler for Reply:
  5. Triple_R
    2014-01-26 21:49
    Well, because of Madoka Magica, I can never again take seriously a totally whimsical approach to wishes. I trust you can understand why.

    Spoiler for Inori/Sayaka Miki comparison, Madoka Magica spoilers:
  6. Dark Faith
    2014-01-26 21:40
    Dark Faith
    Yeah, I've seen it. Good thing it wasn't Kyuubey who granted her wish huh? Compare away then!
  7. Triple_R
    2014-01-26 21:38
    About Inari... Have you seen the anime Madoka Magica? Because if so, there's some comparisons here I want to make to you that should make my position crystal clear.
  8. Dark Faith
    2013-10-04 14:11
    Dark Faith
    Ahaha, I know you do. You've been defending those uniforms with your life for a while now I'm not a big fan of them, as you know, but even I feel that Coppelion's discussion thread has turned into a hazard zone because of it. That argument has gone way overboard, to the point I'll be steering clear of that thread for a while, hoping it cools down.

    I don't even know why they bother me, honestly. But whenever I see those girls, something feels wrong. Maybe because most anime I see has uniforms and I hoped for something different on a pos-apocalyptic setting, or because I fell into the animators' trap.

    Either way, by the end of the day, what they're wearing isn't that important... or at least not important enough to spawn a discussion several pages wide with enough recycled arguments to make greenpeace proud.
  9. Triple_R
    2013-10-04 13:14
    One more thing, though - I like the school uniforms in Coppelion. I think it's becoming "dreaded" by some people to an absolutely ridiculous degree.
  10. Triple_R
    2013-10-04 10:54
    Don't worry, my reply to you was a bit tongue-in-cheek, hence the wink. I certainly don't think you're a bad reviewer or anything like that. And my goal was more to defend Coppelion than to say that Asukara is getting off too easy.

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