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Conversation Between Rejuvenation and Iron21
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  1. Iron21
    2010-01-24 17:35
    Oh, I see.

  2. Rejuvenation
    2010-01-24 09:50
    I have some more personal reasons I won't get into but another is because of all the negativity the place just seems to naturally generate. Not just from the regular members in problem sections but even inside the staff. With all the fighting and "politics" that goes on there it just becomes a huge pain. I have had my fill of the place and have been much happier to leave it behind.

    My time and energy are spent on better things that do not give me a headache.
  3. Iron21
    2010-01-24 03:57
    aww that sucks.

    Mind telling me why you left. (You don't have to, just curious)
  4. Rejuvenation
    2010-01-23 10:56
    Correct although I am no longer on NF.
  5. Iron21
    2010-01-23 01:23
    Jetstorm from NF?

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