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Conversation Between Estavali and Nachtwandler
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  1. Nachtwandler
    2014-02-23 14:38
    Hmm. OK. Maybe I forgot some parts of the ending. After your explanation I think it's not so bad as I remembered
  2. Estavali
    2014-02-23 14:33
    Oh, okay, I see I see =3

    Ehh, still, with Big Sis Maid handing over the relic, we can say that the battle was pretty much over. The nobles were probably the only ones that could cause any problems but with Prince Marshall resuming command, Ash-Blue King and (more importantly) the Pope dead, and the fact that the original objective/excuse for the crusade has been fulfilled, the situation had pretty much come under control. Even in the city, the fighting has essentially come to an end even before the sighting of the phoenix.
  3. Nachtwandler
    2014-02-23 13:43
    No-no-no. That's not what I mean.

    I mean he should at least finish current conflict. That's all. He not necessarily have to introduce the new one or describe peaceful time. Just use the more convenient point to stop. Enemy forces retired(but just for now) and our heroes thinkingt what wait for them in the future. Smth like that
  4. Estavali
    2014-02-23 12:57
    Hmmm, I can see what you mean.

    But suppose Mamare did go more into cleaning up the mess the Crusade had caused. At most this would have gotten us another two~three chapters dealing with the aftermath and what the characters' life after the war. Any more and the story will begin to stagnate, simply because peace can be a very boring thing to write about, unless the direction of the story is to make a drastic turn and go 100% slice-of-life instead. Which can be fun, for a while, before this gets boring as well.

    Introduce the next conflict? Yes, one can do that, and it'll be the start of an never-ending cycle of war-peace-war-peace that will never be concluded if fans keep clamoring for more. The writer must judge when and where to end so as not to be drag into such a quagmire and I think despite its apparent haste, Maoyuu ended fairly well enough. Any more would require a sequel or a spin-off (which is where we have side-stories like those three volumes). But MaoYuu as it is has effectively reached its conclusion and dragging it on would just be whipping the dead horse.

    (Tbh, I do wish that Mamare had devoted at least a full chapter or two to the aftermath and what happened to everyone else after that, instead of just touching on them briefly before moving on to our main trio. I really do want to see if Big Sis Maid and Prince Marshall get any further development =3)
  5. Nachtwandler
    2014-02-23 11:16
    The problem is that he ended the story just than the conflict reached it's peak. It's a bad move to end such a story there. He could at least finish the current conflict and drop it in the peace time before another one. But it looked like he dropped the story in the middle of an arc
  6. Estavali
    2014-02-23 11:09
    Originally Posted by Nachtwandler View Post
    The ending of 5th novel could be described only as "it was dropped half-away". The additional three volumes you are talking about are side-stories.
    Each to his own, but I feel that it's a good decision to end the story there and then, at the climax. Had Mamare tried to write beyond that, it'll just drag on and on until both the author and the reader gets so damn sick of it, like an never-ending TV series that stubbornly refuses to die even when its appeal has died.

    I would agree that the resolution seems anti-climatic, if logical

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