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Conversation Between Estavali and DQueenie13
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  1. Estavali
    Yesterday 14:09
    Yup, I'm on the Asian server
  2. DQueenie13
    2021-01-13 13:35
    Woah, you play Genshin too? (And yes, if there's a wiki for something I like... I will be on it.)
  3. Estavali
    2021-01-07 09:34
    I see you are active at the Genshin wiki as well. Thank you for your good work and a blessed New Year to you
  4. Estavali
    2014-01-16 04:29

    I read that part where Nazuna was thinking about Soujicchi's character and the impression I get is that it really emphasises on the limit of her influence on Souji. The boy's problem is that deep down he's really somewhat of a male chauvinist and sees the fairer gender as targets to be protected

    That's why Nazu-nee had wished that either Shiroe and Kazuhiko was around; compared to her, these two are the ones that Souji would have listened to without question =3

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