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Conversation Between Keroko and MeisterBabylon
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  1. MeisterBabylon
    2010-11-06 18:22
    Obligatory "You Require More Minerals" comment.

    Looks neat. And now I'm tempted to go reformat all my profiles into the new wiki style. I see you went with the scrolls idea. Both Barudisa and Sardior thought of the same thing. Except Barudisa didnt set up the temple at first; in life he did many good deeds, had lots of followers, so when he ascended it was them who took his knowledge and spread it throughout Xing. The more fanatical turned it into a monastic order, forming the first Skysong Temple.

    For an unknown reason, he returned to the mortal realm in the middle of Xing's 3 Kingdoms War and realized what 1000 years had made a mess of his teachings. He reorganized the copied scripts into the Skysong Manuals, dumping many edits in the process and left out mention of the Dragon Sutra. He also took away the original Sutra scrolls because they were objects of power and a source of disharmony. Nor were they necessary; all Skysong templars needed were in their manuals, and their enlightenment will bring them power equal to a dragon's. And he disappeared again.

    Kha has all 5 original Skysong Scrolls, Dragon Sutra included. The man he calls Father disappeared 7 years ago. And the boy zealousy guards his magic as instructed by the travelling monk. Yeah I've been pretty obvious about the slayer hints.

    It is difficult to classify Kha as what kind of slayer he is as a result. He was taught slayer magic in an indirect method by a dragon and carried lacryma-laced material with him all through his life. So he's not exactly an Old One, does he still count towards the prophecy? Or is he a Slayer Fake, but having known a real dragon? Or Slayer 1.5?

    Gee whiz what a ramble.
  2. Keroko
    2010-11-06 17:12
    Aaaand it's done.
  3. Keroko
    2010-11-06 06:48
    Though now that I think about it... a scroll makes a nice plotpoint as well. Maybe Keroko can be from a monastic order which possess the scrolls to teach earth dragon slaying magic, but requires those who choose to follow the teachings to leave the monastery and walk the earth itself.

    Though with Lacrima-style dragon slayers already existing, there might not even be a need to make a new method.

    Or I can just say 'screw it' and make her a natural dragon slayer.

    Hmm. Decisions, decisions.
  4. Keroko
    2010-11-06 05:51
    Minerals, so anything ranging from rocks to diamonds.
  5. MeisterBabylon
    2010-11-06 00:01
    Yeah possession is a better word.

    The Skysong Scrolls are mentioned in Kha's profile. They are a set of bamboo scrolls written by a person named Barudisa, which Skysong followers believe existed over 2 millenia ago and was a mage who upon gaining enlightenment became a dragon of the eternal realms. These scrolls teach lessons of peace and harmony, with dissociation from worldly pursuits for a higher, enlightened existence. As such, low-level Skysong magic is almost purely about defense and self-reinforcement, or driving your opponents insane with your incessant droning. To gain more power, one must meditate on the scrolls until you understand the essence of the universe.

    This is why Kha is often meditating in the middle of the chaos of Fairy Tail's bar.

    Being a slayer, Kha "eats" the element of his dragon. In this case, it is the light from humanity's souls. The more positive feelings, the stronger the light. This is the most basic reason why Kha choose to stay at Fairy Tail.

    And why he deep-kisses Anita before he can use any of his Tier 5 spells.

    What does Keroko eat to power-up? Mud?
  6. Keroko
    2010-11-05 19:57
    Not so much a homunculus, but more a summoned spirit. A homunculus is a life created from scratch, whereas Keroko's soul was simply ripped from her body and used for the experiment, so she has all the memories of her life.

    If you want to give it a name... I think possession would be most accurate. Like how a demon can be summoned and possess a sacrifice, transforming it and using its power, Keroko is a spirit summoned to the remains of a dragon, transforming it and using its power.

    What's the Skysong Scroll though?
  7. MeisterBabylon
    2010-11-05 19:39
    I forgot about him because he's not part of Fairy Tail. I was refering to the guild not the series. Also with Makarov mentioning something about slayers and 3s and destiny... plot hook?

    That makes 3 different breeds of Fakes in FT. Luxus is standard lacrima, Kha is long term possession and meditation of scrolls written by a Xing dragon thus "changing" (similar to the Toaru Elf concept), and Keroko is a... Homunculus?

    Yeah very far from the truth indeed. Now I guess Keroko'd know bits and pieces about Skysong Scroll meditation though her standard destructive setting is much higher.
  8. Keroko
    2010-11-05 11:01
    The whole artificial bit is still subject to a lot of maybe's, but she's different from Lacrima-style dragon slayers. She's actual dragon fossils fused with a human soul.

    As for being a hothead... that couldn't be farther from the truth. Keroko is one of the most patient members of Fairy Tail (also one of the older, since despite only being 'born' four years ago, her soul has 26 years under her belt). She once spend an entire month meditating in a temple without moving a muscle, to the point where dust and sand had settled on her and people thought she was a statue. Then when her target walked in she calmly got up and beat the crap out of him. People in that town still think she's a living god.

    Also, you forgot Cobra.
  9. MeisterBabylon
    2010-11-05 06:21
    Whee. Counting Luxus and Keroko, the FT in my vision has 1 artificial Slayer for each Old One. XD

    Hilarious thing I guess as well is that each Old One has a similar trait in the Slayer Fakes.

    Metal related to Lightning, and both have horrible attitudes.
    Wind related to Eternal, and both like peace.
    Fire related to Earth? Or not, but I guess both are hotheads?

    Oh and 2 males 1 female. Like the Old Ones. XD
  10. Keroko
    2010-11-05 04:22
    Still working on Fairy Tail!Keroko, so there's no profile just yet (revisions, revisions, revisions). I'll probably have one tomorrow. Right now she's an artificial earth dragon slayer created through using actual dragon material with a summoned soul. She's usually traveling the world looking for a way to her homeworld.

    I do have an image, though it's un-shopped:

    I'm probably going to give her a different hair color than usual though. Red hair/blue eyes is kinda taken by a sorta important character.

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