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Conversation Between Chidori<3 and KogaKing
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  1. KogaKing
    2011-01-11 17:09
    hi? are you home?
  2. KogaKing
    2010-12-13 16:01
    hi... are you ever going to just drop by????? i know i'm at falt to for not textin you but i thought that you was busy or somthing. so what's up? hows it goin?
  3. KogaKing
    2010-10-05 14:54
    ha ha i know what cha mean XD im da same way i love woles as well cuz my uncal had three and their names are tommy, joey and timmy. i loved them but somebody felt thretened by them and poidend them. but it's ok... they had three puppies that looked just like em and we gave them the same names. i thinkit was a reancarnation type of thing.
  4. Chidori<3
    2010-10-03 12:28
    I like werewolves cuz I like wolves

    After a few nights with anime I look like a Zombie, not like a Vampire xP I'm trying not to do that but I have got time only at night so...
  5. KogaKing
    2010-10-02 16:39
    i dont like that type of romance eather just in some movies. but i like werewolves cuz you can ride them and you cant ride a bat .
    I'm usually watching anime all night and than - sleeping the whole day xP
    im like that to but not all the time. i need sunlight or i'll look like a vampire .
  6. Chidori<3
    2010-10-02 16:28
    Heh, me the same ! I'm usually watching anime all night and than - sleeping the whole day xP I've watched twilight too, but I don't really like it, I mean it's ok but I would like to watch something about werewolves And I don't like that type of romance...
  7. KogaKing
    2010-09-21 16:04
    that's good to here you need rest dont cha. me i rarely rest early but in the summer i rest all day and stay up all night. LOL my rent called me a vampire just cuz i watch twilight. althoe... that would be cool. but i rather be a wolf then a bat
  8. Chidori<3
    2010-09-21 07:48
    I'm sorry. I was really busy last days. But finally I've got some rest xP
  9. KogaKing
    2010-09-11 22:28
    Hi Chidori. if your not on PLEAZ COME BACK!!!!!

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