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Conversation Between Foreshadow and Sinestra
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  1. Foreshadow
    2009-11-08 21:23
    Alright then, Thanks. I'll check it out.
  2. Sinestra
    2009-11-08 21:11
    White album is not really that bad the protagonist is very human and thats probably why a lot of people dislike him he makes a lot of bad decisions throughout the series. The main problem i have with the series is the progression i felt was a little slow and also it was hard for me to relate to most of the characters but one. Is it worth the viewing i would say yes but its definitely not an anime you will watch more than once. The music animation and VA's are quite good.
  3. Foreshadow
    2009-11-08 17:26
    Hey, I noticed you were watching White Album, and I'm on the fence about starting to watch it.
    So how is it so far? I've heard some overly negative opinions on it but mostly about the protagonist. Do all the other positives outweigh the Negatives?

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