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Conversation Between Lacus Li Britannia and Hs Vi Germania
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  1. Lacus Li Britannia
    2009-04-25 01:47
    Lacus Li Britannia
    I see... so I hope this year can pass quickly! n_n
  2. Hs Vi Germania
    2009-04-24 18:28
    Hs Vi Germania
    i have 1 year left before i can start to work <.<
  3. Lacus Li Britannia
    2009-04-24 10:33
    Lacus Li Britannia
    Why? But... I remember, this moment was the most critical, when I attended school, especially the last year! Last week I finally graduated, now I have to attend two years, and then I can start work! n.n
  4. Hs Vi Germania
    2009-04-22 12:20
    Hs Vi Germania
    I am also busy the last time, but you sure have more trouble than I have with school etc.
    Are you attending school yet?
  5. Lacus Li Britannia
    2009-04-22 08:54
    Lacus Li Britannia
    Hello, Hs! That's right, I have been very busy, sorry! But, it's all ok, and, how about you? n.n
  6. Hs Vi Germania
    2009-04-19 13:06
    Hs Vi Germania
    Hey there.
    Long time no heard from you. How are you?
  7. Hs Vi Germania
    2009-01-29 14:18
    Hs Vi Germania
    Those words are mostly words concerning food. xD

    And no matter because of your faces. Do as you like
  8. Lacus Li Britannia
    2009-01-29 11:31
    Lacus Li Britannia
    Wow! I don't know german words in italian, but I had an exam two years ago, germanic philology!
    Oh.. don't you like --> n_n u_u faces? I abitually use these faces, but.. ok!
  9. Hs Vi Germania
    2009-01-29 11:04
    Hs Vi Germania
    Yeah and mozarella isnt the only one Italian thing we Germans took over in our language.^^

    And the misunderstanding:
    No problem at all.
    You don't need to make such a face.
    n_n u_u xD
  10. Lacus Li Britannia
    2009-01-29 10:27
    Lacus Li Britannia
    I'm glad to know how famous is mozzarella! XD Wow, one of my friends is a master of pizza! Sometimes, he told me about the strangest kind of pizza he loves, too far from my taste... n.n" But I like asparagus ( or spargel, ok! u_u )!
    Oh, I'm sorry, I really misunderstood! n.n" Thank you for the correction!

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