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Conversation Between Hiroi Sekai and Soverence
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  1. Soverence
    2012-11-11 00:00
    Sad thing is hard work doesn't always equal success though, even if it should. Well, being a downer I don't think would really ruin any business chances, might ruin your chances at getting friends but that is about it. Besides, I believe in depressive realism (unless some hard evidence disproves it eventually), so I think there is just as much merit to being a downer as a optimist.

    I spent a good like four months just lurking as a guest, but eventually decided to join for ... I don't remember why I decided to join, probably just a whim. Yeah, sometimes I honestly feel like I don't put enough thought into my posts when I read how detailed and precise some other people's are O.o

    Honestly the first thing that usually sets my mood for a series is the OP/ED/music, as silly as that sounds, but it is usually the thing that catches my attention the most during dramatic moments and can help separate good series and great ones. My favorite OP to this day is the one for the first season of the World God Only Knows anime, sweet sweet music.

    I don't think they should have used fan-service really at all (although recently it seems like Madhouse is putting large amounts of fan-service in a lot of their works), but that is my opinion. Yeah, that scene really is just silly and fun to make fun of.

    Its pretty much one of the big names for media and probably always will be. I am looking forward to seeing Skyfall or Lincoln, both seem like really good movies. Honestly, usually most theaters have like sale days for tickets which I would go on but its the stupid concession stands that make me not want to go anymore. Movie Theater popcorn is the most marked up item in America, its something like 900% which is just beyond stupid, I would rather enjoy a movie in my own home with my snacks and couch thank you.

    So ... you don't think it would help? Sorry, that wording seems weird to me. Yeah, and I get what your saying but from what we know about pot, the actual side effects ,well more powerful during use, are actually weaker over time then cigarettes and overall I think alcohol is worse and that is legal. Now if they tried to legalize something like LSD, I don't care how much that would help our economy I would fight as hard as possible to prevent that.
  2. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-11-10 01:53
    Hiroi Sekai
    A great way of putting it. "Are you willing to put in the hard work you need to achieve success?" I try and stay as optimistic as I can; it's a heck of a lot better than being a downer and ruining any chances that come along.

    To be brutally honest with myself, I only joined at first to snatch up an avatar to use on another forum, but I quickly grew to love this one. I fully agree in saying that the people here are constructive in their arguments; it's not a flame war grounds like YouTube.

    Since the voice always captures me at first instead of the art, I've come to learn how to identify my favourite seiyuu as soon as they open their mouth. Hanazawa Kana just does so much well that I love everything she works on. She's even a fantastic singer with some of the most soothing songs I've ever put on my phone to take everywhere.

    Agreed, it would have hit a good 4/5 from me if the fanservice was properly used. The breast matrix scene is just a good laugh for me, since it's so ridiculous. I try and keep my options open, so you're right in saying it can't be helped.

    Yeah, some of the most famous people started there, so it's a place I can have faith in. Hollywood's hit and miss for me too, but it's more about how ridiculous prices at the theatre have become, so I rarely go to the cinema as of late.

    I can't argue that it would probably help the economy in some way. I mean, money rotating around is better than nothing at all, but you need to be careful of which paths you take with that statement.
  3. Soverence
    2012-11-10 01:40
    I guess the actual question is then, how much are you willing to give up in order to try and get it done. You seem like a very optimistic person aren't you?

    One of the main reasons that I joined . I just like reading other people's ideas / thoughts, even if I don't post much its interesting just to see the discussions that are going on.

    I don't actually know all that much about seiyuu's , after looking at the list of series she has done though and all the different character's she has voiced, I can see why you think so highly of her though. Don't mention it

    It was a good series behind all the fan service, because it was never trying to be super serious but more of a action zombie story, but even for that the amount of fan-service just didn't allow me to enjoy the action (which was actually pretty good if not completely unrealistic [Boobs can not dodge bullets people!]). Well that is to be expected, if you have a broad spectrum of interests you will pretty much run into everything sooner or later.

    Well California does have Hollywood so I can see why they would have a pretty good Media focus for there colleges. I was honestly losing a lot of respect for Hollywood these last like 6 months, I felt like they came out with nothing good and then *BAM* in like the last month they have come out with like 10 different movies I am just dying to see.

    I don't drink either, just has never been my style. However, people have argued that legalizing and taxing pot would over the long run help to improve the economy, so I am interested to see what will happen in these two states cause I honestly don't know if it will or not.
  4. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-11-10 01:08
    Hiroi Sekai
    Exactly, you've got it. I know it's not exactly a logical thing to state at this time, but it really is true. People don't get to that point because they're 100% convinced it won't work based on the statistics rather than hard work.

    This forum's a great fountain of unique people, y'know! Check out some of the posts the female members here make; I love how diverse everyone else is with their thoughts and preferences. Lurk around the threads and you're bound to see it as well.

    Ruri/Kuroneko was easily the show-stealer. Hanazawa Kana amazes me with her diverse voice, and this is the example I give when people ask me why she's my favourite seiyuu. Contrast this to her usual voices like Kanade and it's a stunning difference. It's hard to get me in a depressed mood, but it's easy to make me more excited, and that sure did it. Thanks. :3

    That's true, if they know the genre to begin with, they sure don't waste time establishing it. I actually wrote a full review for Highschool of the Dead and gave it 3.5/5 stars at the end. It loses points for badly placed fanservice, but what it does right it does well. Since I usually hang around anything from light-toned to heavy, I do end up seeing fanservice in some way.

    It's just a very recognized place with a great source of schools that focus tightly on these subjects. If I'm to do this, I'd pay the extra bit to make sure I've got the best resources on hand. Unless California's totally out of my budget, I'm kind of set on making that my destination. If something does happen though, I'll definitely keep these in mind, thanks.

    Heck, I don't even drink, so stuff like that flies under the radar for me. All that interests me in any way is the economic state of America, and it does seem that stuff's not exactly going to improve soon.
  5. Soverence
    2012-11-10 00:51
    Thats probably true, if something really means a whole lot to you then you will go out of your way to get it done no matter what.

    Hmmm, maybe, I don't really know that many females who are into tv/anime anymore so its hard for me to say other then just my random thoughts. Yeah, well either way no matter what they do it is still a series I will probably enjoy.

    I feel like there were quite a lot of people who liked Ruri's character , either her or Ayase were pretty much everyone's favorites. As I said, Kirino comes off a selfish bitch for most of the series, but as long as you watch the series through / carefully its pretty easy to realize its all a front and that she is just as caring/weak as anyone else is behind their front. Well hopefully that little tid bit of news helped to brighten up your day

    Well, its very rare that I have seen a series turn into a ecchi when it doesn't start out as one, usually when people think of ecchi its the more obvious cases like To Love-Ru or Freezing or something else along those lines. As you said though, fan-service isn't bad as long as it doesn't hurt the actual story or its actually part of the comedy of the series. I think that is because of the mass of High School anime's that we have been getting though, if you got high school kids and need some fan-service, what place can be better then the beach? Recently though, I haven't been seeing as much fan-service as I use to, maybe its because of the recent releases or I am just ignoring the series that focus on that, but it seems to be appearing much less recently.

    If you really want to come to the states to study, I suggest going to any state but that one, cause as you said, its hell there right now. Well I don't know the best overall states for Media/Practical Arts, I know that New England has the best overall education/colleges in the states and the economy up here isn't that terrible (or at least no where near as bad as California) so you could look around that part of the states.

    Yeah, all that matters to us really is who wins in the end, that and the questions that we get to vote on, since it seems Colorado and Washington legalized pot, well I don't do that kind of stuff I am pretty sure its about time that we made it legal.
  6. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-11-08 23:36
    Hiroi Sekai
    That's absolutely right. I think if you really want to do something, the state of the economy won't get in your way. It's smart to have a backup, but work hard enough at it and be better than the others, and there's always something for you.

    Well, I think females are actually more fans of something in the middle instead of hardcore dramas. Since they technically did both confess about the first three episodes in, they do need to have something to work with, right? Shojo's a big genre after all, so I'm not looking for anything in particular, just a nice setting.

    Ruri is fantastic for sure. I can see people being uncomfortable with Kirino because of her actions, but even after the series ended they were voting her worst character of the year and such, and I didn't really get that. I hadn't known of the planned second season, this is great news.

    It's an interesting generalization for sure. I believe if you tread past a certain grounds it can be labelled as "ecchi". There's probably got to be some sort of actual sexual activity to be hentai though. It's hard to just tell fanservice nowadays though, since almost every series has an obligatory beach episode now.

    I'm wanting to try and transfer to a California university to extend my studies, but I believe it's the worst economic state in America at the moment, so prices are ridiculous. I could settle with a dorm, but even that's crazy. Gotta try though, that's for sure.

    Ah, so Americans are just like me except I don't watch until the last day, when votes come in.
  7. Soverence
    2012-11-08 22:43
    Well thats pretty cool, got to start somewhere right? Honestly I want to eventually work in making games, but any form of the entertainment industry is just such a risk right now with the economy.

    That wouldn't shock me if its true, I imagine they go for a more serious drama if there target audience is females. Even though I know they like each other, the series just seems to constantly make light of/fun of that fact it seems to me, maybe my opinion will change in the next few episodes if it starts getting more serious.

    Well, I was personally a bigger fan of Ruri but I saw nothing wrong with Kirino's character, she honestly seemed like a real person to me in the way that she acted (which might be why many people didn't like her). Well, I can see hating one of the main character's a reason for disliking a series being legit even if I don't agree in this case. Yup! A second season has already been scheduled for April 2013! They are currently re-airing the series in japan with the true route (the 4 OVA episodes) before they move on to the next season.

    Well I believe there is a word for a series that is just fan-service, its called Ecchi and/or Hentai depending upon how far the fan-service plans on going

    I hear yeah, I don't live in a apartment yet like you do but talking to people I know its silly how much it can cost to just rent a apartment. Its hard to say, it seems like the economy is getting worse everywhere but places like China so assuming that keeps up, things are only going to get worse for us here on out.

    I think all American's treat the election the same way, well pretty much like 3 Years and 10 Months of not caring and then for the last 2 Months we all watch the debates and watch the politicians all make fools of themselves at one point or another xD.
  8. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-11-08 06:04
    Hiroi Sekai
    Yeah, I've definitely got backups and all that; it's just something I also want to start building upon early on. I've kinda already been contacted by places like Viz Media for promotional talk of their new programs, so it's a good first step, I suppose.

    Shojo usually has a little bit less of a comedic feel than this, I think. I personally hope they do get together. It was a staple from the beginning and all the series is here to do is play a little bit with it. It'd be jarring if they just flat out rejected each other at the end.

    Trust me, you're among the very few. I know she was rather crude at the start, but anyone who watched it to the end would see her change. It just doesn't seem like a legitimate reason for hating the series, as it was took risks and made them work. I hadn't heard there'd be a second season; that'd be quite nice. I'd want to hear ClariS do the opening once again though.

    Yeah exactly. I didn't even really mind Highschool of the Dead (except for the pointless OVA), but when a series literally has no plot and just fanservice, I feel a little piece of me die inside.

    That's all well and good, but man, costs of living are sure rising lately. I'm wondering when I'll stop paying back and am able to save up a lot as I used to.

    Um, we're not exactly "interested" in it, but we watch who gets elected for sure. My interest in politics is nothing for 4 years, then for one day I am semi-glued to the screen to see who wins.
  9. Soverence
    2012-11-06 22:20
    Can't hurt that is for sure. Hmmm, that would certainly be a interesting job to have, but I feel like its hard to get actual work inside that industry though. I want to learn Japanese as well, but my college doesn't offer a course in it so I have to try and learn what I can from the internet (which, trust me, is not much). Yeah, I kind of imagined that would be how it would work but I never went past 100 level since they were just electives so didn't know for sure.

    Thats really what I like about it, it doesn't feel like your typical anime, even for a shoujo (although I have little experience in this genre, but it feels different from the other shoujo I know). Hmmm, honestly I think I would like this series better if they didn't end up together and just ended up being friends.

    Well I personally really like her character ... maybe it is because I have read all the novels ... and watched/played all the games ... and read the manga ... okay I am kind of a fanboy of the series -.- Honestly though, the anime makes her out to be more of a bitch then any other of the other materials based on the series. l think they did that so there was no way that the idea of incest in the anime series came up so they made her out to be a huge bitch for most of the series except toward the end. If the second season of the anime goes off the novels though (which it better o.o), then we are in for some hilarious stuff in the second season.

    I don't mind fanservice, as long as it doesn't take away from the story or fun of the series, like High School of the Dead was a series that was completely ruined by fanservice, I think it would have been decent without all of the Boobs every 3 seconds.

    I like to think that once I have a stable income and am not paying back $20,000 in student loans that I will be able to use my money I what I love, and what I love is anime ^(^.^)^

    Just a random question, is Canada all that interested in the U.S. Presidential election? Cause I know that certain European countries and China are watching closely (maybe because we owe them $10 trillion dollars but that is besides the point), was just wondering if they are talking about it there at all.
  10. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-11-06 17:45
    Hiroi Sekai
    Yeah, and having a DSLR is always good, right? I'm hoping to use it all to find something in the anime industry to work in. Be it cultural promotions, drawing, or anything else, it'll give me an excuse to fully learn Japanese as well. 101 level classes are just a foothold for other courses, so they are ridiculously simple. I even took a Basic Accounting Certificate college course in the 11th grade of high school and aced it. It's quite simple until you get up to the higher levels.

    Yeah, it's just really light-hearted but memorable. The good thing about Shizuku is that she's not really like the usual protagonist; she's stubborn, but she's tough. From what I see as well, Yoshida is dead-set on her no matter what.

    Ore no Imouto is a series I quite like as well. Many people hated Kirino, but I'm questioning whether they watched it until the end. Sure she's a little bit rougher than the usual tsundere, but she greatly improves at the end. It just kind of frightens me to know so many people are flat out obsessed with those series. I mean, nobody's prohibited from liking what they like, but if that's ALL you watch, hmm...

    Well, they mostly do KEY adaptations, so it'd be them who does them justice. However, KyoAni has the full choice to throw in fanservice or not, and they're actually smart enough to know how to charm people without doing so.

    I try and buy what I can; anime itself just can't be bought all the time, but I hope to pay it back someday. I do buy what I can at Anime Expo as well, so that's a thing too. I've been focusing on anime releases though, so manga's been kind of non-existent for a bit.

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