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Conversation Between Hiroi Sekai and Soverence
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  1. Soverence
    2013-12-24 23:54
    Hey! I just wanted to Wish you a Merry Christmas and Hope it goes well with friends and family

    Spoiler for Christmas Image:
  2. Soverence
    2013-10-19 21:48
    Lol no issues. So how have you been? Well obviously you have been super busy but still xD Watching anything from the current season of anime?
  3. Hiroi Sekai
    2013-10-12 12:45
    Hiroi Sekai
    No problem, I've been super busy as well, so apologies for the late reply.
  4. Soverence
    2013-10-05 20:36
    thanks for wishing me happy birthday! Sorry this came so late, I have been very busy since I got back to college
  5. Hiroi Sekai
    2013-09-06 01:22
    Hiroi Sekai
    Happy birthday!
  6. Soverence
    2013-08-19 18:18
    I think the reason that it is done for each girl is to give each of the character's closure, while we might know the outcome already, most of the other girls didn't. We knew that most of the girls were at least somewhat interested in Kyousuke so giving their characters some form of closure doesn't seem that far fetched. Thing was, most people weren't certain who he was going to choose before the final volume/OVA came out, the author did very well at leaving you trying to figure out Kyousuke true feelings. I can understand why Kanako seems like a joke, almost all of her scenes that were in the novel were cut from the anime so I actually kind of wonder why they didn't just cut her as a love interest from the anime overall. She never really does anything for the second season and just serves as another girl for the "harem" basically.

    Well, Kuroneko was the one that originally broke up with Kyousuke and it was obvious Kyousuke still liked her a lot at that point so him asking her out again at the end wouldn't have been too far fetched of a ending. My personal feeling is they wanted to make sure each girl got a straight answer, that there wasn't going to be anything between them and Kyousuke which I honestly think is a nice change of pace for once. By the end of this series it is basically a Harem and usually most girls are never given a answer and kind of just disappear or just sit around afterwords as eye candy, I feel like the main character turning each one down is a better ending to a Harem style story, everyone gets their answer for good or bad.

    I feel like changing the backstory of Kirino/Kyousuke's past was a bad idea on the anime's part, they literally cut out like 3/4 of the entire back story and on top of it, the backstory in the novel is told in a conversation between Kyousuke,Kirino, and Manami because they all sleep at her house in order to talk about the past. I feel like that was the anime's biggest error, they changed the past so much and the way the past story was presented that the transition into the ending was terrible in the anime.

    I will agree that season 1 is stronger for the most part but there was certainly a lot of entertaining scenes in season 2 as well. I get that it is suppose to appeal to a bigger crowd then the readers, but if you are planning to follow the original story but cut out most of the foreshadowing/hints that lead to the ending then it should come as no surprise that some people believe the ending came out of nowhere. I feel like OreImo somewhat has the same problem as the ending to Clannad did, it followed the source materially faithfully but the change in presentation/lack of information makes it seem like the endings come from no where and appear as a ass pull. The thing about Kirino is, she never really means what she says like how during the confession she keeps saying she hates him but it is pretty obvious that she doesn't. I do love the irony of this whole series though that if Manami never confronts Kirino that Kirino would have grew up as a normal girl without really liking anime and let those feelings go (I am not even kidding, the author wrote a whole story about this happening).

    I guess I will have to agree with you, the anime leaves out a lot of the in between the lines information which I think helps add to the consistency. The reason I probably don't mind it so much is that I know the in between the lines information from reading the novels but you are right, in terms of anime only there is def. some disconnect. I am not really a fan of the whole incest thing but if the story is written in a way that such a relationship makes the most sense I will support it which is how I feel about the OreImo relationship.
  7. Hiroi Sekai
    2013-08-19 03:33
    Hiroi Sekai
    I will definitely concede that I have not read the light novels. However, that should not diminish the experience of watching the standalone anime either. And as an anime telling a story, I feel it did it quite poorly in this last portion.

    Systematically rejecting each girl is realistic in the sense that someone would be forced to do this in a real life situation like this, but this is just not good presentation. Imagine if you solve a mystery, then the villain prances about and reveals each little obvious tidbit as you sit there with that knowledge easily implemented into your brain. It feels insulting in a sense, like I already knew he was going to end up with Kirino, but they have to go to each girl and drop them (let alone barely introduce that they liked him, like with Kanako) feels like it's hammering in things that I'm already privy to. My point is, by the time Kuroneko was first turned down in S2, any sane human with a brain had figured out nobody else was getting with Kyousuke. So why sit there and waste energy and time meticulously showing us that? Give us more of the Manami/Kirino development.

    Speaking of that feud, that really WAS awesome. Not just in the sense that the fight felt disgustingly real, but the fact that the pent up anger was clearly evident and presented well. Plus it seemed necessary and felt proper.

    Having said all of that, I hope I haven't made the impression that I hate this series. The series is great. The voice acting is terrific, and the day you'll see me hating a Taketatsu Ayana and Hanazawa Kana mix is the day our Earth is demolished in a fiery blaze. S2 was much weaker in comparison to S1, yet it was still great fun. I just feel that these specials were not thought out very well and just not good in general. Remember, this is an anime adaptation of a light novel series. It's made to appeal to a crowd past the readers, and as such, it should very much take that into consideration when presenting itself. The pacing in the specials was poor, completely detaching the pace the second season was moving at. I mean, Kirino just started to peek her dere side out when S2 ended, then she's all for marriage? I was shocked when she didn't just kick his face in and shout "creeper!".

    So yeah, series is fantastic. In terms of cohesive consistency between S2 and the specials, it was awful in my opinion. Not to mention that I find the incestuous fetish creepy to begin with. I mean, am I crazy for thinking it's weird for people to be attracted to this genre? The series itself was best for me when Kirino was a stubborn sister who had a hard time comprehending her habits and has to lean to the big brother who she acts coldly towards. It's satirical and it's clever, and I loved it. It all kinda started to go downhill when the suave Kyousuke turns into a prideful siscon-loving stereotype.
  8. Soverence
    2013-08-19 02:42
    Sorry for long post btw for you start reading:

    Hmmm, well I can agree with you there really wasn't that good amount of build up in the anime. My view is obviously effected by the fact I have read the light novels because in them there is a lot more hints towards this ending so it doesn't seem that odd to me which is probably why I really like this ending. I feel like the anime cut out a lot of these hints in order to keep it a more g rated show I guess because that way they can actually write the ending off as they go back to normal where in the novel it is much harder to support that conclusion.

    As for his systematically rejecting each girl, I don't really see a problem with him doing this. If he wanted to date someone he was going to have to reject the rest of them, making your feelings clear once you are sure of them is probably the best thing he could do for them at that point. I don't think he really played any of the girls off as a joke, the rejection of Kuroneko I thought was quite serious and he made sure to let her know all of his feelings since it was likely she was still going to be somewhat involved in his life due to Kirino and her being friends. If you are referring to Kanako then I guess I can somewhat see your point since she basically gets publicly turned down but that kind of confession fits the character she was written up to be. I don't really see it so much as them making a joke of her confession instead her character being more of a comedy character from the start which was given a honest answer to confession anyway.

    I loved both of those scenes honestly, even as a Kirino fan I felt like her getting punched there was probably the only reaction Manami could possibly have, the whole fight scene was really good if you ask me. Even if the ending isn't as good as you had hoped, I still feel like it was a good series. The voice actors were great throughout, animation was always good and there was always good laughs so I will go away happy with this series.
  9. Hiroi Sekai
    2013-08-19 01:56
    Hiroi Sekai
    Basically it unleashed the incest ideology to creepy levels without any sort of proper buildup, then proceeded to systematically show that each girl liked him and get harshly rejected. They even just play a couple off as a joke.

    The only two good parts of those specials were when Kuroneko got her sweet revenge, and when Manami spike-shot Kirino square in the chest, followed by a punch to the face. I don't even dislike Kirino as a character. But hey, if that's what it took to try and wake them up, then I'm glad Manami got to be the one to step up and do it.
  10. Soverence
    2013-08-18 14:37
    what didn't you like about it if I may ask?

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