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Conversation Between Virgo_3079 and OutSmart
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  1. OutSmart
    2009-04-06 14:18
    ahahahahahaha awesome thank you!

    I'll equip the orange kun set first.

    I just need the conelia sig aswell so I can use it better, i'll be waiting ^^ LOL

    I love them, cornelia's avy and orange-kun's avy are JUST as I wanted, PRECISELY LIKE IT!! you read minds ^^, you are the best ^^

    thnks a whole lot again! THANKS!

    The orange kun sig is odd, but I LOVE it (maybe its i'm still drunk, just arrived from my finalists trip, we went to La manga, it was awesome, 10 days of partying ^^)
  2. Virgo_3079
    2009-03-29 00:13
    T__T pity me,I totally forgot your request

    anyway,here is 2 avatars. I will make the signs later

    Edit:here is Orange-kun sign,look quite weird,I must admit
  3. OutSmart
    2009-03-08 21:03
    lol no problem! I'm in mid-term season as well ^^, I get it that you need time^^ I'll wait ^^

    good luck with those mid-terms!
  4. Virgo_3079
    2009-03-08 20:37
    not a big problem,but I am facing the mid-term exam. I will make your request this weekend after I finish all the-stupid-exam-ever '-_-
  5. OutSmart
    2009-02-23 12:07
    I'm so suprised with this latest pack you did (wich is so great thx again) that I have more 2 set requests for you, with no time table, you take your time ^^ I'll wait ^^

    This time I woud like a Cornelia avy and sig set (in all her might and glory, with a nice smile and elegant posture) this pic is a good example:
    An Orange-kun sig and avy set. Yup that's right I also want one for jeremiah! (this one I would like it with a pic from the final scene where he is on the fields, with that happy look) - this one I want pretty bright and beautiful.

    Well, I jope you can answer my requests ^^ and again, thx for the latest pack and be do not worry about ime, I'll wait ^^ (and using the latest set you did for me ^^)
  6. OutSmart
    2009-02-22 10:14
    you are by no means too late ^^

    You said you are going to take some time and I said it was kay. I was waiting for your sigs and avy all the time, hoping for an unread message in my profile such as this ^^

    Thx a lot, I love it, that pic of Lloyd is rly cute, just as I wanted ^^

    I also like the light sig a lot, and the sigs format and layout.

    Thx a lot, I'll show off these for quite some time now ^^
  7. Virgo_3079
    2009-02-21 22:38
    a little bit too late,I guess. Ah well,better late than never

    I want to say sorry because of my lateness

    [but seriously,I thought I get killed by such an amount of homework '-_-]
  8. OutSmart
    2009-02-03 16:17
    I'll wait ^^

    I'm rly glad you are gonna make it ^^ good luck, both with the request and with the school stuf ^^
  9. Virgo_3079
    2009-02-02 22:39
    I will make it. However,I am busy with schoolwork,so would you mind waiting a little bit ?

    anyway,thanks for your compliment
  10. OutSmart
    2009-02-01 19:17
    Virgo hi, dunno if you remember me, I claimed a sig and ava set you made a few months ago ^^

    still use the sig in other forums, its one of my favourites ^^

    Now I need a sig and ava set with LLoyd, It doesnt need to use the same pic (I actually prefer it didnt) but they must match

    Text and borders and style is all up too you, I dont think I've ever seen one of your sigs and avas that I didnt like.

    I hope you take my request ^^ I'm so addicted to code geass again.. and this time around Lloyd is the favourite ^^

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