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Conversation Between Virgo_3079 and ginran
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  1. ginran
    2009-03-08 21:07
    They are similar. I guess that's why I like both of them! XD that type of character is cute IMO.

    I also wanna see her fight more, but I don't know if now is a good time...Ulquiorra is probably way too strong right now. And I respect your opinion, no worries!
  2. Virgo_3079
    2009-03-08 20:59
    Shirley and Orihime have too many things in common,like haircolor,the way they speak [no matter how many lifetimes I live... blah blah ].
    Ah,be honest,I ship UlquiHime and I do not like Orihime much,those days,she always speak "Kurosaki-kun". I want to see her strength ,after all,IMO she is the most powerful character in Bleach with the power of healing,attacking as well as defending
  3. ginran
    2009-03-08 20:53
    Nice to know another fan! I agree with you. I'm hoping we'll see some interaction between them soon, that makes up for that!

    what makes you think that? ... Just kidding, yes I love IchiHime! <3
  4. Virgo_3079
    2009-03-08 20:45
    ginran is one of my fav couples in Bleach. The way he smiled and said "sayonara" to Rangiku is T__T [heartbreaking]. However,I really feel disappointed to see Gin showed no expression to Rangiku's injury in Fake Karakura Town arc '-_-

    Since you are ShirLu shipper,I am pretty sure you ship IchiHime as well
  5. ginran
    2009-03-08 20:41
    Lol, don't be sorry! you're right, I read Bleach and ship GinxRangiku. I have others ships, but I just liked the sound of "ginran" for some reason. XD
  6. Virgo_3079
    2009-03-08 20:36
    after seeing your username,I suddenly think that you read Bleach and you ship GinxRangiku
    Forgive me if I am wrong
  7. ginran
    2009-02-02 16:57
    thank you so much! Im gonna use it now!
  8. Virgo_3079
    2009-02-01 23:07

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