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Conversation Between Virgo_3079 and Sonae
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  1. Sonae
    2009-02-03 11:44

    You should join. Please?

    -looks at your text- Rangiku from Bleach? Did someone die!? -dropped Bleach like a year or so ago-
  2. Sonae
    2008-12-18 14:01
    Click my signature. The link is always there. Either words or a picture.

    User Control Panel
  3. Virgo_3079
    2008-12-18 13:53
    a contest in eternal wish or where?can you give me the link
    Moreover,since it is 2A.M in my country,my eyes are not as good as usual,I can't find the board settings @__@
  4. Sonae
    2008-12-06 07:06
    No, I don't own it.
  5. Virgo_3079
    2008-12-06 04:57
    well,:P just want to ask,do you have the whole artbook? Any Clu Clu pics in that artbook?
  6. Sonae
    2008-12-05 23:02
    I can't share it. Not Allowed.
  7. Virgo_3079
    2008-12-05 22:56
    :O your ava
    Is it from the new Clamp artbook? Would you mind sharing the scan :P?
  8. Sonae
    2008-11-23 11:21
    The funny thing is, if the picture is pretty and not that disturbing, I'll make a set out of it.

    I was just dancing =D
  9. Virgo_3079
    2008-11-23 11:01
    XD seem like I am with you at this point. YES,I HATE YAOI,REALLY HATE,those things are horrible,totally ruin all the characters' images '-_-
  10. Sonae
    2008-11-23 10:47
    I mostly like all pairings though, EXCEPT YAOI PAIRINGS, THOSE DISTURB ME

    I'm going to make a Kalulu AMV because I don't have a good enough song for Lelouch X C.C. Anyways it will be my first AMV in like a year, if I can get my WMM (Windows Movie Maker) to work

    I'm not really a Kallen fan though.

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