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Conversation Between Dark Faith and Triple_R
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  1. Dark Faith
    2013-10-04 09:52
    Dark Faith
    Hey, hope you don't mind me posting this in here, it's just that I want to avoid derailing Nagi no Asukara's thread with comparison between Asukara and Coppelion.

    To address your comment, it's not that I feel it's better for animators to be lazy than it is for them to aim for dissonance. I think that both shows were able to invoke that feeling in the viewers, but the former did it out of lazyness and/or other constraints, while the latter did it on purpose.
    For that reason I felt that it was unnecessary to focus on the fishy animation business underwater (I agree that it didn't feel underwater at all. Even with fishes happily swimming about it didn't feel like an underwater village). Now that I look back, I seem to have forgotten to mention it on my original post, but that's what I get from only posting after the episode's done.
    But people probably aren't bringing it up as strongly as they are in Coppelion's case, because Coppelion focused on making people feel like something was off in the picture: The characters are unnaturaly pale, there's those black outlines that appear at times, and of course, the dreaded school uniforms.

    To me, it seems normal that people focus their discussion about dissonance on the show that tried hard to make the viewers feel that way. It's not that I'm promoting lazyness (which is funny, given my user title).
    Hope that clears up my comments and thought process (which I admit, can be pretty difficult to follow at times).

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