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Conversation Between Ascaloth and s07195
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  1. Ascaloth
    2013-07-03 01:49
    Hey, sorry I've been too busy to respond a while back. I forgot all about this afterwards, derp.

    Wow, those CLANNAD blog posts, has it really been 5 years? I feel so old. That feels like a lifetime ago. Indeed, I wrote those blog posts back when I was in the midst of my sociology major in university. Hard to believe it's been so long since then. XD

    Glad to hear what I've wrote is raising interest in the field of sociology, even 5 years on. All the best in your studies.
  2. s07195
    2013-04-17 22:12
    I was craving for some CLANNAD this morning, and after watching the Tomoyo OVA I came across your blog posts for CLANNAD way back in 2008. With all the sociology references, I assume that you took sociology in university? Because as a prospective undergrad student, you really got my curiosity and appreciation for that subject going. Though I plan on taking English, it seems to be a nice choice too.

    Guess I'll be following your blog posts if you're still doing them... (Why am I replying to a blog post from 5 years ago, again? I guess it's because comments are closed. :P)

    Anyways, really appreciated. I love it when I learn new stuff while doing something I like, such as watching anime. Especially as CLANNAD was a really good show.

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