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Conversation Between AnimeFangirl and WyrdMonger
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  1. AnimeFangirl
    2018-07-29 15:54
    Sorry no, I haven't a clue about any of those terms. I've never used an iPad either so I don't know how to use it.
  2. WyrdMonger
    2018-07-29 09:28
    Hi there.
    Do you know much about Japanese apps?
    Because I think I may have lost some data.

    I've installad a lot of Japanese apps, but I got that Ipad bug where I'm told to constantly sign into Icloud. So I was informed to do the thing to fix it: sign out, turn off the ipad, turn it back on, and sign in.

    Now almost everything is there, except for two of my main apps.

    When I clicked on one, I was prompted to go to action adzone on safari. I think I should have done that, because that game lost it's data.

    Then I tried to log back into Mahouka. I got errors, and two different sets of actions to take. I tried to activate some, but lost my data.

    Do you have any suggestions?

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