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Conversation Between usspaul and Kuroageha
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  1. usspaul
    2018-05-22 13:33
    thank you very much for that
  2. Kuroageha
    2018-05-22 09:45

    Is the limit
  3. usspaul
    2018-05-22 00:21
    i have another dumb question but what is the most stars a character can have in there extended mastery ?
  4. usspaul
    2018-05-01 18:17
    I am relatively new. When you say grid do you mean what element i use the most? As for how much i play well it kinda depends some days mo r e than others but overal i would say a couple hours a day
  5. Kuroageha
    2018-05-01 14:18
    Anyway I see you are new to the game?
    How much do you play it?
  6. Kuroageha
    2018-05-01 14:07
    By weapons pool I mean the grids you use in battle
  7. usspaul
    2018-05-01 12:49
    i cant pm you lol so i guess ill go through here but these are my first 3 pages of weapons

    btw you need me to put in the characters i have too ?
  8. Kuroageha
    2018-05-01 09:26
    You can join my crew
    We usually go B, but just in case can you show me your weapon pools? Use PM

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