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Conversation Between Last Sinner and stray
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  1. stray
    2023-03-04 15:40
    I pretty much gave up on the Flyers at this point... I'm a casual hockey fan as it is and they haven't won anything since the 1970s, though they've made the finals a few times. I dunno how I feel about how prevalent the 3-point shot is in the NBA nowadays though... I loved chucking up 3's when I played so I appreciate to a point but I guess its kinda boring if you prefer the physical inside play from previous eras. The skyhook isn't coming back though, even centers are expected to have a perimeter game. I like Embiid but I don't really trust the Sixers (or Harden) in the playoffs. They have a tough schedule the rest of the season so I guess we'll see what the seeding looks like. I'm not a big baseball person but the pitch clock has me intrigued for the first time in a long time. I might actually pay attention to the season this year.

    I saw Road 96 is on sale but couldn't justify picking it up right now, I'm pretty busy with Octopath Traveler II. Only about 12-15 hours in though, I haven't had time to put into it. I like the new avatar BTW, Ushio Nendoroid should be shipping later this month.
  2. Last Sinner
    2023-03-03 15:08
    Last Sinner
    So the Flyers were going to actually trade JVR...and the Red Wings pulled out at the last moment...

    Chuck Fletcher needs to be fired into the sun. The Flyers will never progress from utter failure while he continually shoots you in the balls, chest and brain simultaneously. Aggressively retooling? Right...
  3. Last Sinner
    2023-03-01 07:30
    Last Sinner
    So the Rangers acquired Tarasenko and Kane.

    But the one team going all in is...the Leafs?!

    O'Reilly, Acciari, McCabe, Lafferty, Gustaffson, Schenn?! Dubas has decided if the entire East is going to be an arms race, he's really going for it. Yet...he gave up no significant future and only gave up 4th liners in terms of existing players. O'Reilly already has a hat-trick and the team seems grittier, Acciari has made the 4th lane way better. The rest should be playing their first Leafs game against the Oilers in 12 hours. We needed defenders, a winger and some veteran resilience. Dubas is going for a grand slam and not selling the future for it.

    Also...Gunbuster is finally getting an English release. About freaking time!
  4. Last Sinner
    2023-02-26 09:30
    Last Sinner
    I put on an NBA for the first time in ages. Happened to be Celtics-76ers. 76ers were up big early in the 3rd then Boston somehow had the lead going into the 4th. Game tightened up, Embiid cracked 40. Tatum had been playing lousy most of the game then suddenly couldn't miss and nailed the game winner with a second left. But the painful part is Embiid took a full court shot...and hit it...but it was too late by a few tenths. If it isn't the Bruins that pull out victories from nowhere, it's the Celtics. Seriously hope someone steps up to help Embiid in the playoffs. He was the main reason I kept watching. Most of the rest on either side resorted to 3-ball and it just bores me. Harden did some utterly bizarre passes (trying to do a long behind the back through 4 people...?!). Oh well, at least Simmons isn't weighing them down now. Honestly, I can't believe companies here used him in advertisments. He's a lazy prick that never wanted to improve.

    I did a day 1 purchase of The Pale Beyond. Try and think of it as Frostpunk-like but with Persona-like Social Link-ish stuff also going on. But far more grim. As in Persona 3 would feel gentle compared to this. Indie dev I really respect made this their debut, hope it manages to get some decent exposure.
  5. Last Sinner
    2023-02-21 09:03
    Last Sinner
    So over the last two weeks, there was a publically available demo of Tape to Tape, combing roguelite mechanics similar to Slay The Spire with sports arcades of late 80s/early 90s and NHL 94. It's just damn fun. Releases in late April. Really looking forward to it.

    I'm on the final day of P3P but...Margaret is ruining me. I made it to Phase 3 once...but I think I'm going to need a lot of luck to get through her and Elizabeth. I don't want to have to go for them again in the 2nd playthrough. The Pale Beyond is out in just 2 days and I wanted a playthrough done by then. But that is looking unlikely at this rate.
  6. stray
    2023-02-16 22:19
    I do appreciate the Phillies and to a lesser extent the Padres, but the world series kinda reminded me I hate watching baseball on the whole... and I really sucked at playing it too. Maybe more trips to the batting cages would help. Street hockey was kinda fun growing up but nobody plays it anymore.

    How far did you actually get in LiS2? I think Humboldt was ep 3, Nevada ep 4, and in 5 the boys end up in a town (being generous) in the Arizona desert called Away where David is living off grid with a ponytail and beard. He's actually a fairly major minor character in LiS2. For better or worse LiS was essentially written to be a time travel trolley problem -- neither ending feels right per se but both are entirely justifiable.
    Spoiler for Life is Strange:
  7. Last Sinner
  8. Last Sinner
    2023-02-16 09:06
    Last Sinner
    Tonight's P3 stint completed Social Links and the Compendium. Also got ultimate weapons for the 4 I always use, stocked up on as many consumables as I could, maxed out money. Final day is all that's left and the 3 big battles.

    In terms of upcoming games, The Pale Beyond on the 24th is of great interest to me given Bellular is the one making it. Road 96 prequel in April, Darkest Dungeon 2 in May. Tape to Tape (roguelike ice hockey) has a demo available thanks to Steam Next Fest, as does Cook Serve Forever (and it seems to be a very spinoff rather than an actual 4th in the normal series). Hades 2 early access will be in the 2nd half of the year along with Sea of Stars and Frostpunk 2.
  9. Last Sinner
    2023-02-16 02:55
    Last Sinner
    Wait, does he show up after the 2 boys end up at the weed farm? That would be so ironic given his stance on things in LiS1. If you could discuss the core things about what happens in 2, I'd appreciate it as you seem to have an insightful take on it.

    I think the NBA playoffs are going to be chaos. So many teams made moves to ramp up in the West. Celtics, Bucks and 76ers are still strong in the East. Anything can happen in a close series - it is possible, even if unlikely. I don't think people truly believed the Bucks would win in 2021 until Giannis went god mode. Or Toronto in 2019 until Thompson and Durant both went down in the Finals. If Tatum goes down or Giannis loses his support, East could open up for you. Mavericks haven't won yet after acquiring Irving despite him and Doncic both scoring plenty.

    NHL trade deadline is ramping up. Rangers have been the big winners so far. I expect the Leafs to swing for a defender or left wing as they are glaring needs. It's beginning to get absurd how many close wins/OTs the Bruins are pulling themselves out of. Lot of pressure comes with that though.

    As previously stated, I think the content of Road 96 would appeal to you. You did say the visuals seem weird, which I can understand. I guess my counter would be find a playthrough and watch 2 attempts at crossing the border. If it doesn't click for you by then, I doubt it will. But I can't speak highly enough of it. So glad to see a prequel in April.
  10. stray
    2023-02-15 23:47
    I'm on the other side of the state so the train explosion is about 355 miles (570 km) away, and I think the wind is blowing it west lately. Still a fucked up situation. Infrastructure is really, really terrible in the US.

    Steichen is a loss but I'm kind of glad Gannon is gone, there was some valid criticism of him throughout the season which was easy to overlook since we were outscoring everyone so handily. I'm not really expecting ths Sixers to make it to the NBA finals but I'll probably pay attention to the NBA season now that the trade deadline has passed.

    I was debating whether to bring up David in LiS2 but its like 3/4 of the way into the game when you find him so I assume Kanon gorged on spoilers. Dontnod's 3rd game is free during Pride (June) on PC at least. I broke down and have been playing some Japanese VN that I'm sick of hoping to get translated with Textractor + MTL lately. The only game I'm really looking forward to otherwise is Octopath Traveler which I'm on the fence about picking up on release.

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