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Conversation Between Kairin and Kakashi
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  1. Kakashi
    2008-05-28 04:44
    Yes, well keep up the good work. I understand the difficulties of posing and being a still image online, especially with KiNA around . I'm moved you decided to comment on my profile, truly moved.
  2. Kairin
    2008-05-27 20:08
    Um, thanks for the compliment, but I'm not sure I'm really all that cute.

    As for my work on the forum I do try to help out behind the scenes as NoSanninWa-san says, but my biggest responsibility is posing for all the artists who want to draw pictures of me. It can be hard providing all those artists with inspiration, but I do my very best no matter how much time it takes for them to finish their work!
  3. Kakashi
    2008-05-27 05:34
    She doesn't seem to do much...

    - used to get xris to agree to the new facebook style upgrade (impressive)
    - cute (true)
    - motivation (fair enough)
    - does stuff behind the scenes (yh right )
  4. Kakashi
    2008-05-25 20:22
    errr who are you?

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