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Conversation Between Midonin and Kyero Fox
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  1. Kyero Fox
    2012-11-20 08:16
    Kyero Fox
    You're gonna be in your 50's and still like that stuff huh? lol
  2. Kyero Fox
    2012-07-29 23:33
    Kyero Fox
    Yea lol

    the only stuff i can go on between the squirlgirl and becky is what i read from the forums, and from what i've read. there is absolutely no romance between them lol.
  3. Midonin
    2012-07-29 23:31
    Like I said, progress!
  4. Kyero Fox
    2012-07-29 23:30
    Kyero Fox
    Their gender is totally out of the equasion to me. So I just hoped you know i'm not judging them from the gender match.
  5. Midonin
    2012-07-29 23:20
    What I meant is, you put Coubecca on a level playing field with the more, for lack of a better word, "normal" couples. It showed some willingness to look at others' perspectives in terms of shipping, even if the couple in question falls outside your comfort zone. I was giving you a compliment.
  6. Kyero Fox
    2012-07-29 23:17
    Kyero Fox
    What are you tryin to get at?

    I hope you're not getting mad at me because you think I'm sayin their not even remotely romantic towards each other.
  7. Kyero Fox
    2011-12-03 17:49
    Kyero Fox
    So has that girl in Ben-to lighten up to the MC?
  8. Kyero Fox
    2011-07-12 20:47
    Kyero Fox
    Spoiler for crazy white hair chick!:
  9. Kyero Fox
    2011-06-18 11:32
    Kyero Fox
    Where are you guys watching the Raw? ><
  10. Kyero Fox
    2011-06-16 21:09
    Kyero Fox
    ugh.. ive seen really bad stuff when looking up diffrent animes.. thank GOD none of that has showed up for Dog Days yet...

    did you see the milly x leon one where Leon is being a dommy? lol i thought it was cute.

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