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Conversation Between Wild Goose and Hagoshod
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  1. Hagoshod
    2013-05-08 22:28
    Hi, guy who sends me weird out of context messages calling me a troll. Would you happen to have any idea what this girl is saying?

    Just asking.
  2. Hagoshod
    2013-04-24 15:08
    Yeah, that's right. Make some vague statement that I don't know what you're even referring to and then don't respond.

    You just go do that or whatever.
  3. Hagoshod
    2013-04-20 03:11
    Say what now?
  4. Wild Goose
    2013-04-18 22:14
    Wild Goose
    Don't you ever get tired of being a troll?
  5. Wild Goose
    2013-03-27 01:38
    Wild Goose
    It was a rhetorical question. You can't top Miracle at Palaven.
  6. Hagoshod
    2013-03-27 01:34
    does that one thing I wrote where all the muvluvs get eaten top Miracle at Palaven?
  7. Wild Goose
    2013-03-26 23:57
    Wild Goose
    Sorry, not interested. Not my cuppa.

    If you could possibly top Miracle at Palaven... maybe I'd be interested.
  8. Hagoshod
    2013-03-26 20:36
    hi Wild Goose.

    would you like to read some of my fan fiction
  9. Wild Goose
    2012-11-25 12:45
    Wild Goose
    You are inordinately fond of large image posts. That's a bit of a turnoff, y'know.

    All you needed to do was say, "This is my vision and I'm sticking to it, and I'm changing things from canon." Had you pulled Bioware's Artistic Integrity card, I'd actually have more respect for you. Instead, you keep on with the same old tune, insisting that you're adhering to canon when you're clearly not.

    And why are you bringing this up yet again? You've made it clear that you believe yourself to be correct, and have no interest in listening to dissenting opinions, and make a point of deliberately and conceitedly insulting those who disagree with you. You are reviving a dead horse that has been long buried, so that you may repeatedly flog the carcass.

    Also, really. A poster on an internet forum. THAT is your cited source? (Let's not get into how you're - again - cherry picking quotes to bolster your claims.)
  10. Wild Goose
    2012-11-16 11:42
    Wild Goose
    Again, I'll reiterate: your "State of Mind" usertag is an ironically appropriate, given what appears to be a persecution complex that you are operating under, which seems to be influencing everything you post or say.

    You are, of course, free to find offense with the above statement.

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