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Conversation Between Wild Goose and Ray
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  1. Ray
    2012-12-25 11:34
    Merry Christmas~
  2. Wild Goose
    2012-07-29 08:26
    Wild Goose
    Ah, thanks. Had a brain fart and forgot I wasn't in one of the free fire zones.
  3. Ray
    2012-07-29 08:13

    After SAO was cleared? You might wanna remove that bit.. :<
  4. Ray
    2012-07-13 09:12
    Arphrah? Really? That's new. It's usually Aprah, Aphra, or Ahprah.
  5. Ray
    2012-07-11 07:39
    Heh, the rules here are different and any spoilers are forbidden in the anime-only threads. I've been reporting any spoilers I see, but I dislike to report posts belonging to my friends, so please do try to be more careful.
  6. Wild Goose
    2012-07-11 07:21
    Wild Goose
    Thx. First time I've ever gotten banned for being too enthusiastic while discussing anime and having fun
  7. Ray
    2012-07-11 07:00
    Welcome back. :P
  8. Ray
    2012-07-07 15:20
    Oh, I see. o.o 15 years.. ago.. when you were 11!? SOP, training booklets, and product briefings? Woah.

    Oh! Which one? The one that already has a good bit of info on it?
  9. Ray
    2012-07-07 14:41
    Haha, I'm sure you'll get a lot more from here on in! Unless somebody decides to have a little (negative) fun in the SAO sub-forum. D:

    Oh. You write fiction and non-fiction? Impressive.

    True! But some people just can't be bothered, and others, well, become extremely stuck up. :/
  10. Wild Goose
    2012-07-07 14:33
    Wild Goose
    Lol thx, and to think it only took me five years to get here But seriously, to speak and write well, you need to read alot, to be able to gain and see new ideas on a regular basis. That's why my fiction reading encompasses all sorts of genres, and my nonfiction reading covers from business to biographies to history to war memoirs.

    Anybody can do it - you just need to start and then never stop.

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