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Conversation Between Wild Goose and Ray
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  1. Ray
    2012-07-07 14:27
    Rawr! Congratz on yer second bar of rep. :3
  2. Ray
    2012-07-07 14:16
    No problem. I'd personally not mention anything related to after SAO; it's safer that way. :3

    Haha, that's what all the people who possess some degree of eloquence say. ;p And you stupied law? Woah. o_o
  3. Wild Goose
    2012-07-07 14:14
    Wild Goose
    Noted, thx for your heads up.

    Regards eloquence, it's not really that hard to gain, provided one reads alot. Studying law in uni didn't hurt any ;P Though I'm not practicing, and instead work in customer service.
  4. Ray
    2012-07-07 14:08
    You may want to remove the last part of your post in the anime general discussion thread. I'm pretty sure it's as a spoiler (the mention of Lyfa). I don't a mod to delete the last 2 pages of discussions. D:
  5. Ray
    2012-07-07 11:31
    You're eloquent and bring up interesting points. Eloquence is fairly rare these days. Most people seem to have accepted the 'troll' mindset. ~_~
  6. Wild Goose
    2012-07-07 10:54
    Wild Goose
    haha, thx for your compliment, but I don't see what's so special about me
  7. Ray
    2012-07-07 09:50
    This forum needs more people like you. ;p

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