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Conversation Between forgottendiary and BetoJR
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  1. BetoJR
    2008-12-23 05:35
    Happy Holidays for you too, My Ebil Mistress. Hope you have a very nice time!
  2. forgottendiary
    2008-12-23 00:51
    Ok...reading your conversation...I guess I was right

    Natsu is ebil. XDDD

    Have fun on your trip and Happy Holidays!
  3. forgottendiary
    2008-12-23 00:50
    Haha! Proxy for mistreating you with EoE references? It could be worse though, she might murder your eyes with yaoi.
  4. BetoJR
    2008-12-22 16:48
    Hey, Natsu's been challenging me as your proxy... did you set her up for it, forgottendiary-sama?
  5. forgottendiary
    2008-10-03 08:05

    You're welcome!!! XDDDDD
  6. BetoJR
    2008-10-02 20:56
    Oh God, I saw the picture... now I can't unsee it again. ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. forgottendiary
    2008-10-02 11:30

    you know what they say about how great minds think alike?
  8. BetoJR
    2008-10-02 11:20
    Will have to see it when I get home - at work, some image sites are blocked. But I have a very good idea about what it may be...
  9. forgottendiary
    2008-10-02 11:18
    I've a surprise for you in one of the threads if you can find it
  10. forgottendiary
    2008-09-28 19:23
    good for you. Re-watched the ep a few times, it gets less frustrating that way. XD

    I just posted some new gifs from episode 25.

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