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Conversation Between Last Sinner and bladeofdarkness
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  1. Last Sinner
    2008-10-04 13:09
    Last Sinner
    Well I'll be flocked....

    That's the first time in 2 days that a conversation message was sent successfuly from this damn home computer! Argh, why wouldn't it send messages to Narona yesterday?!

    Yeah I gotta get to bed too man, it's almost 4am here. Thanks for the stimulating and balanced conversation. Your friendship is also valued on my end, mate.

    Sleep well and have a good one.
  2. bladeofdarkness
    2008-10-04 13:03
    its ok
    your on my friend list from what i see
    and its nice to have you as a friend
    BUT NOW... I MUST GO (to sleep,got work tomorrow)
    good night
  3. Last Sinner
    2008-10-04 12:59
    Last Sinner
    Like music to my ears. ^^ That news and your sig have made my night. THanks for the friend request btw. I did click accept but this lousy comp has problems processing some of the commands on this site. -_- Or posting conversation messages. >< Be assured I am definitely accepting your request.
  4. bladeofdarkness
    2008-10-04 12:57
    Dandylion just got banned
    looks like someone was paying attention

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