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Conversation Between NoLongerSane and MAX_COLA_POWER!
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  1. NoLongerSane
    2011-08-18 18:43
    Not to worry, as of now I have removed the sig and avatar in exchanged for the Hinoki set. In truth, if you were to look at my Sig and Avatar album, I have a few for the Sigs and Avatars that I could use, and my Betterman screencap album has a few more crazy faces that I could turn into Avatars at a later date.
    2011-08-18 18:13
    Apparently someone in the Seiken thread didn't like the comment I made about you sig^^;;. Even mistook my Cecily comment as an insult even though I said what I said about not liking what happened to her.
  3. NoLongerSane
    2011-08-18 18:06
    Lol, read your comment on my sig. If you were wondering the girl is, that is Hinoki Sai from the anime series Betterman. That anime has alot of technobable, but it also has the characters make some of the creepiest faces you will see from that anime's time. If the ava and sig starting becoming a bit disturbing, I will switch them to the Hinoki sig/ava, though both are more towards fanservice than anything else.

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