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Conversation Between zeando and urca
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  1. zeando
    2011-10-20 17:41
    k ^_^
    byez :3
  2. urca
    2011-10-20 16:59
    sorry for the late response xD
    i will if i ever get to trouble finding out a manga or anything,so should you.
    thanks again .
  3. zeando
    2011-10-19 07:39
    np :3
    if you're looking for something else in particular i can try to suggest :P
    even if it's not like i know a lot xD
  4. urca
    2011-10-18 19:03
    i see..
    so it was cancelled?thats too bad,but the art seems interesting.
    thanks a lot .
  5. zeando
    2011-10-18 09:24
    it's from akaboshi
    it started in the same period of medaka, but got like axed by jump (at least his getting cancelled helped medaka surviving :P becoming its cushion xD)
    it may be considered a generic shounen but i liked it anyway :3
  6. urca
    2011-10-17 16:15
    excuse me but whats the manga in your avatar?
    thanks in advance .

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