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Conversation Between Virgo_3079 and Lugia_Tsuyu
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  1. Lugia_Tsuyu
    2010-09-21 23:31
    Not a problem! Thank you, too, for liking Setsuna x Marina. But I think I should just keep my mouth shut from now on though. I really hate it when there is so much drama going on in a thread (espeicially romance). But it seems like I'm causing one right now because I was trying to be fair to all shippers (Setsuna x Marina fans for the most part, but also other pairing shippers also).
  2. Virgo_3079
    2010-09-21 21:02
    Well,to be honest,almost all the people I know tend to hate SetsunaxMarina with a passion. Some say that the age gap is an obstacle. Some say that Marina is just stupid,useless blah blah.Some even refer to Marina as a burden to Setsuna, They cursed her a hell a lot when the trailer ,with Marina and Setsuna standing back to back with each other ,came out T_______T
    I thought I was the only one left to dislike the idea of Setsuna/Feldt
    Your post in Romance thread really gives me a lot courage to continue shipping them

  3. Lugia_Tsuyu
    2010-09-21 15:31
    Hey! Nice to meet you, too! I love Lelouch x C.C., Setsuna x Marina, and Roy x Riza a lot. And thanks for liking my posts on Romance in 00 thread. There was this long period of time where I gave up on the idea of Setsuna x Marina ever happening, but I never stop shipping them!
  4. Virgo_3079
    2010-09-21 06:23
    Hi,nice to meet you. I see that you are Gundam 00,CG fan. And on top of that,you ship Clu CLu, SetsunaxMarina, RoyxRiza,rite?

    I enjoy reading your post in "Romance in 00" alot. I thought no one is going to ship SetsunaxMarina after the ED of 00 ss2 T___T

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