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Conversation Between Rising Dragon and Obelisk ze Tormentor
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  1. Obelisk ze Tormentor
    2017-04-03 03:06
    Obelisk ze Tormentor
    Yeah. The ending that we got is certainly the best that it can get IMO: 1) It gives casual viewers and new fans a strong impact and message that "Gundam does not play like shounen", 2) It respects the longtime fans by giving us a ballsy, realistic and not-dumbed-down ending that borrowed from real life, 3) There are no asspulls for the haters to easily point out and make fun off. All they got is a bittersweet ending that left them with a strong impression, good or bad. This is what a Gundam show should be (well, except for the decidedly silly ones like G & GBF).

    This ending is certainly the next best thing after the reveal of Laplace's box for me. And Garma got his happy ending after all these years, with a bonus-waifu to boot .
  2. Rising Dragon
    2017-04-03 02:24
    Rising Dragon
    Gundam needs more endings like IBO's. Bonus points if they keep making the forum completely implode on itself like it did today.
  3. Obelisk ze Tormentor
    2017-03-27 03:28
    Obelisk ze Tormentor
    Well, for many of them, it's already the end since many characters that they root for are already dead. So they aren't patient enough to wait for the last episode since their reasons to watch have been eliminated in the story.

    Btw, in case you haven't checked them out, you might wanna look at reaction videos of when characters are starting to die this season. Some of them are new to Gundam and are following IBO and they got pretty devastated. It's a pretty entertaining and insightful watch
  4. Rising Dragon
    2017-03-27 03:02
    Rising Dragon
    I reported no one this time, actually. So very tempted, but I instead opted for calling out his immaturity in the matter.

    What galls me though is that they're so convinced that this'll end on an awful note. Sure, it's very different from the usual Gundam show, but it's still a Gundam show, they're not going to go so far as to alienate the fanbase like that. Just one more episode, people. It won't kill you to see it through to the end!

    But no, we gotta whine... ugh.
  5. Obelisk ze Tormentor
    2017-03-27 02:49
    Obelisk ze Tormentor
    A part of me was fascinated. I mean, most of them are people who got so pissed off after witnessing the characters they care about getting screwed badly which is a proof of how good IBO is when it comes to writing characters that the audience can relate to. They don't actually hate the show. They're just pissed off by the fate of the characters in it because they like them (too much probably). I kinda understand where they're coming from, but yeah, some of them should know better. I mean, people like tdx are starting to bash the show for things it has been doing very early on. And there are regulars like Irenesharda who more-or-less don't really favor the show anymore since she openly admitted that she's bad with tragedies.

    In a way, all of this heated arguments actually proved IBO's quality as a character-driven Gundam-series, so I'm not really frustrated by it too much. It's quite different from trolls who bashed SEED & GBFT because they generally just hate the show. In IBO, you can feel the love and passion for the series even from those who lately bash the show hard like Skaddix .

    Btw, was it you who reported Skaddix to the mods? Good thing they're on your side, eh.
  6. Rising Dragon
    2017-03-27 02:12
    Rising Dragon
    The IBO thread is doing a bang-up job of really pissing me off. Some of the posters in there should KNOW better than this; they're acting like they've never seen a bloody Gundam show before.
  7. Obelisk ze Tormentor
    2017-01-17 21:51
    Obelisk ze Tormentor
    I know right?
  8. Rising Dragon
    2017-01-17 21:22
    Rising Dragon
    There's a time and a place for such behavior, and that place is Tumblr. Or MAL. That shit needs to be taken there, yet people like us are forced to deal with it instead.

    "Racism". Pfft.
  9. Obelisk ze Tormentor
    2017-01-17 21:19
    Obelisk ze Tormentor
    Maybe some people are just bored and want to start a conversation by being offended about.....something, and then complain about it .
  10. Rising Dragon
    2017-01-17 15:01
    Rising Dragon
    I swear, the Gundam forum gets dumber with every new entry in the franchise.

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