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Conversation Between mangalowres and Miki7
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  1. Miki7
    2008-08-03 16:09
    then I suppose you have seen love hina... I didn't see but it seem's it haves that parts (hot) xD... Look I'm new in this thing, how do I post how you did?
  2. Miki7
    2008-08-03 16:04
    on other words you like hentai xD ...well from only the 3 animes I saw none of them had a sad final...but Marmalade boy has his sad moments but the end was very happy
  3. mangalowres
    2008-08-03 16:00
    I watch everything and I love ecchi anime hehe
    (I don't know if you know what ecchi means, how to explain it ..... should be ok)
    I am a man so don't complain and most ecchi animes are funny and have got a good ending.
    But I really hate sad animes or animes which end awful, I am weak I know

    Ah yes, Chaos, Sacchin and I have our own threads with Avatars and Signaturs, take a look if you like:
    The Chaos
  4. Miki7
    2008-08-03 15:53
    sachin is my friend too, lol, just a question what type of animes do you see?
  5. mangalowres
    2008-08-03 15:52
    No problem I'm also not from an english speaking country, I'm from germany and it is not a bother to be befriend to you and I don't mind hehe
    Special A and Itazura na Kiss are some really good shows to start with they aren't finished yet but they are worth waiting for a new ep every week
    A finished Anime that is good and you can still download at AnimeSuki would be Clannad.
    If you want more just ask one of us here

    By the way, Chaos-chan is a good choice she knows a lot about animes and she watches a lot of them too
    And Sacchin is evil you should kick him out hehehehehe
  6. Miki7
    2008-08-03 15:35
    and by the way I'm not english or american... I'm portuguese... xD but I can understand you because I studied englis a lot...and the animes that I've seen all are with subtitles in english
  7. Miki7
    2008-08-03 15:31
    hi, lol sorry by befriending you xD, let's say I'm new at this thing of anime, and I like to make friends specially here because then I change ideas about animes and that thing, I hope you don't mind
  8. mangalowres
    2008-08-03 15:22
    Hi there and you are ?

    I know I asked you via PM but I did not want to be rude and leave a message here

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