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Conversation Between Dann of Thursday and KrimzonStriker
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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2014-09-18 23:22
    Dann of Thursday
    All good. Hope everything goes alright for you.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2014-09-18 23:12
    Gonna be delayed getting my response Dann, bit busy with some family issues, nothing big to worry about though, FFXV looks good, will comment as soon as I can.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2014-09-17 22:35
    Dann of Thursday

    FFXV TGS Trailer!!!

    One thing that has me concerned is the camera for the battle system so I hope there is a lock on command otherwise it could get wonky. Also, I'm wondering if the ability to switch party members is still in since we haven't seen any evidence of that in the recent trailers. What we saw of the story here was also a bit odd unless it all takes place before all the happenings we saw in the e3 trailer.

    Hmm, and apparently Nomura is no longer directing the game. It's solely Tabata now. That feels a bit troubling to me especially given this was such a big thing for Nomura that he put a lot into. Of course, it's possible that when Tabata was brought on as co-director this was the eventual intent so Nomura could then move to focusing on KH3 so that can come out in a more timely manner. Hopefully the game remains true to the vision and has all of what was promised.

    And it looks like the demo will actually be coming out on a timely manner in March 20, 2015. There's also info stating that Famitsu will be doing a feature on XV and Type-0 soon, so perhaps beginning with this we'll start to see something more of a campaign ramp for advertising though of course we still need some sort of release date.

    Edit: Might be a bit of a wait on that demo actually since now it appears there is no official date and that one might have been a mistake. Lot of confusion about it right now.

    Edit 2:

    Interview with Tabata about XV and Type-0:

    I love that we now have almost too much going on to keep track. Seems like those rumors two years back about Versus being cancelled were accurate in a sense as the project was rebooted. Guess it was in real development hell.

    Some of the stuff about the combat sounds potentially worrisome.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2014-09-17 17:15
    Dann of Thursday
    That's probably true so hopefully they don't start the game immediately with everyone dying and perhaps have you do some stuff with your family. That seems a fair estimate and during that time we'll already be having some exclusive stuff that's only next gen. Stuff like COD and such will probably be the main holdouts. I know I like having them and it is nice to have that option to play older games that you either don't have anymore or because your system is wearing out. Yeah, everything about the story seems rather weak from what little I've seen myself and what others have said. I'll probably go through the basic story and reach the cap once Xillia 2 is taken care of. It seems to have some mechanics from the Resident Evil Remake like setting enemies you seemingly kill on fire to finish them off and I'll probably play on the easiest setting in any case. Ah, that's a good since it'd be irritating to not be able to find anyone and thus not be able to play. Looks alright, although I've just read people saying to wait for an expansion for it, though that was for the Japanese release so perhaps it'll come with with it in the localized one. She seems a bit antagonistic in some of the earlier ones, though that's understandable given how the Inquisitor appeared. Yeah, and I'm not sure how much that would matter aside from the origin.

    The time lapse with the Skyhold. I thought it'd be neat if they gave you the option to look at how far it's come in-game, but that'd probably be unlikely.

    Hmm, looks like it might actually be that the game is coming to PC via Steam. I don't know who'd care, but it's nice if it means they might bring other games in the future to the PC. That and Project Morpheus, but you're right in that we're still a ways off. Hopefully so yes, and I've been reading some hints from those on the inside, though it could always be that this bit about the demo was leaked a bit earlier than intended and that was the news. Indeed, it's a great thing to see though it is a bit annoying that the demo doesn't have any set release besides some time in 2015. Better than nothing and I like that Type-0 is coming out relatively next year. Some have thought it could be an indication on how XV might be released with us perhaps getting it early 2016. I do hope this isn't a situation like with that XIII demo.

    Indeed, they're on their way to a lot of problems in the future that they hopefully can find a way out of. That's probably the case. I have considered that, but I can't recall ever having nightmares due to a scary game and I always try to balance out by watching something funny.

    It does drive things a lot of the things in narratives like this where there are a lot of mysteries. Indeed, there feels like only so far some of the antagonists can go before we need to move on to the next threat without them popping up to cause problems. Something needs to change in any case, though if whatever is behind the Titan shifters starts stepping things up and prevent them from really taking care of this for the long term until it's dealt with.

    Yes, if the resolution is alright I won't mind so much and they at least put him through something that could drive him to act this way. They definitely need to make him actually be a threat who doesn't come across as completely ridiculous.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2014-09-17 16:29
    Dann of Thursday
    Maybe with that Big Hero 6 movie since its based on a Marvel Property? A bit odd though given it's animated. Yeah, it kind of would since you'd expect the first teaser to be on the big screen. Last I checked they said they weren't going to allow any of the other materials to be adapted in any form. Yeah, I think the Sauron/Necromancer link was one of those things he came up with when there were links being made to connect the Hobbit and LotR. There's something to be appreciated there with the commitment, though it is a bit sad at the same time in a sense. The name recognition and new readers would hopefully have been appreciated yes and I always did hope he might have liked perhaps some ways things were adapted or the casting choices.

    Indeed, if the prize is what we suspect it could potentially drive her even more to see that he's disqualified. I'm curious how she'd react to him becoming a part of the Elite 10 other than probably objecting to it. It certainly fits with Souma's comments to him about not really being a cook and makes for a good way to display the flaws to his methods. Good point, so I guess we'll just have to see how he managed to balance it out, which we hopefully get some sort of clue into. Though I suppose that won't be perhaps till the win where we find out how he beat him so bad. At least that one should be pretty suspenseful since it could go either way whereas this one is more of a fun one to watch a villain lose and show off the inventiveness once again of the main character.

    They have done a good job of dealing with issues that people had with the first season such as episode length so hopefully that continues here. Yes, and hopefully Ozpin is called in to receive a report on what's happened. I'd imagine Ruby would then communicate what happened with her team since they'll likely recognize it as pertaining to their investigation. Yeah, I hope we get to see her and perhaps some other characters like Velvet get a chance to show off. Well, at least it's a start and hopefully Jaune won't be going for Weiss anymore. That one did come out of no where as well so I guess it's fine in the end. I saw that, but didn't expect a full dance number with the team. I wonder if it connects at all with their weapon lockers, which it was nice to see get a return here. If those are cut off from them, then they'll really be in trouble. I imagine we might get some sort of analysis at some point and hopefully in the future we might see some of the cast get their hands on some too. Well, that was generally kind of silly too, though they at least had instances that proposed a rather good explanation for why he can get away with it. I think the series in general has had a pretty good size fanbase, though growing and maintaining is always a problem. Until then.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2014-09-17 11:34
    That seems rather doubtful with everything else going on no doubt, Celebrimbor will be the big focus on any flashbacks which makes sense in context. I'd give it another 2, maybe 3 years before everything goes exclusive next gen, but that's just a I guess. New gamers love box sets, plus there's the nostalgia factor for a lot of gamers who have to throw out their older gens at some point, we'll see though. A good idea, I've been following people on youtube, and you hit the ceiling relatively quickly, I'd hold off until they start updating more content for Destiny and we can get a better feel for where the story is heading, it all feels very introductory to be honest. That'll help though be careful, from what I've seen it's going to be FAR more difficult then RE4 was even in terms of generic enemies. It's co-op with leaderboards and stuff, but I'm told you can put AI bots into the companions if need be. The premise is great though, so take a look at some of the trailer, videos, and demos and tell me what you think. That's honestly just my impression, probably because she and the Inquisitor seem to have the most interaction going back to that introductory trailer where she questions his survival during the breach. That and unless some dramatic consequence reveals itself I probably wouldn't change much in the Keep the second time around, maybe a class change but that'd be it on any replay.

    Do what as an option, PVP in Inquisition? We just went over why they should but probably won't for awhile longer.

    Given how they doubled down on the series before I wouldn't put it past them unfortunately but I just pray they aren't that stupid with XV still in the works. The Oculus rift? It's still way too early in the development stage to say it'll pan out though. Okay, I'm feeling more optimistic we'll get news on how things look for both XV and KH this year at least. Great news, and a great way to drum up more interest for Type-0, I do wish there was more advertising for it, I really want this one to do well overseas so that we don't have to wait so long for these kinds of imports.

    Maybe they'll learn some day, god knows their economy is screaming for something to gin up sails. Besides the Levi OVA? That'd be nice but I'm expecting next year before we get any kind of preview for season 2 at all. Good to hear, just be careful with Evil Within so that you don't regress, they seem to be going all out graphic content wise

    That does seem to be how things work in this series doesn't it? At the very least some character conclusions like with Kenny could use some closure, so hopefully that works out once we resolve things.The benefits are definitely there to go ahead with her coronation and no doubt her stance against Reiss and the conspiracy will smooth the process, though her qualifications have to also be considered even if they only plan for her to be a figurehead, but my main suggestion is whether or not they want to continue with a monarchy to begin with, though a republic comes will all kinds of issues as well, so it's all up in the air until the issue in the cave gets some resolution.

    I could live with how they're going about things with Revan depending on how it all ends, I'm generally okay with the premise of his being an enemy to both sides, just that I don't want some cheesy hammy execution involved and that he's effective.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2014-09-17 10:39
    Dann of Thursday
    Quick addition sorry. Realized I never responded about TOR. Not surprised he's back since the way he appeared to die was a bit odd. Not exactly been a fan of how they've characterized him in this game though.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2014-09-17 10:32
    I could see something releasing before the years end too. Seems rather lackluster if that was the case Exactly, Peter tried to make it into one film to his credit, but whatever problems there were we are where we are. I have no knowledge of what the relationship is, I do know the Silmerillion isn't available for licensing but the developers for Shadow made it out more that the project was too close to Tolkein for his son to give the rights away, still enough of Tolkein's thoughts/notes are supposed to be public knowledge for them to get an idea of where to go/what to do as least from how I've looked at it, he even gave an interview tying Sauron and the Necromancer according to the wikias, and that all falls under their current prerogative under the licensing agreement. You're probably right, just given how hyper detailed he was about so many things I doubt he would have ever been satisfied/finished with it though. Probably not happy, artist rarely are when others have to interpret their works, yet at the same time I do hope the commercial success and name-recognition that such a wider audience knows of the work might have assuaged him, but that's just my hope anyway.

    I would think so by now, what we really need to watch out for is their follow-up face-to-face meeting perhaps surrounding that bit about the manga, though if we're right about the ultimate prize of the election it could dramatically change the nature of their relationship. Exactly, as I said I'm fairly confident I got this right, Subaru is just too safe in a lot of ways and rely's too heavily on his ability to read people and doesn't strike me as a guy who experiments all that much with food, if he can't see the purpose himself behind the move I don't expect him to take it up/follow through himself. I don't know how you wouldn't make something overly heavy with that many ingredients personally, and the key issue isn't the variety of flavor but instead how Souma balances them all so that it doesn't confuse peoples pallets. You're right on that, I expect maybe 2-3 chapters at the most and that third chapter to introduce the next match at that, though a lot of people are already penciling in Akira for the win <_<

    That's what I think anyway, well we'll see in any event. And given the fandoms impatience after all that drama I rather hope RT recognizes that enough to spare us of it, we have plenty of other issues for them to invest development in going forward now. He is from another kingdom, so communicating back home to Atlas makes sense, still you're right in that it depends on his reaction which we'll know by next week hopefully, at the very least Penny still has the tournament to look forward to for the time being to get that development. While I admit Jaune may have improved unless it's explicit I'm not going to count on him taking that big a step just yet on his own Hey, I never expected the food fight, but if they were going to do it that was the time, let's just role with the dances when they come and enjoy, Monty actually hinted at this awhile ago on his facebook with a dance preview testing on Jaune Total net crash probably as well, the equivalent of a communications blackout/emp possibly, should be intriguing to find out but whatever it is I expect it to sting given how competent our villains have shown themselves to be. Oh no doubt, all that clothing has to mean something, likely the fire-power up infusion to the weapons maybe, but I digress. Eh, it's animation, some logical doors have to be bent for the sake of the story, I mean Superman kept getting away with it and all he did was take off his glasses Given it's either the mission of the tournament next episode that seems a safe bet. No question, It'd be the best use for them at that point given how much trouble marketing/awareness has been for the series with all the idiotic schedule changes. Until next year/next preview for Book 4 then.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2014-09-17 07:55
    Dann of Thursday
    Looks like Type-0 HD is coming with a FFXV demo code. Comes out March next year. Good move on their part.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2014-09-16 21:27
    Dann of Thursday
    No problem. Yeah, that probably won't last too long unless we get flashbacks or something. That seems a large part of it from what I've read about it since there are still a lot of people who haven't upgraded. And it has only been a year, though I'm curious just how long we might see this sort of thing for. I could see it down the line perhaps depending on how the game does sales wise and how much extra content they have for it. Hadn't thought of a ME1 like situation, though it might also depend on if they determine there is a market for remaking it up for current consoles. I honestly haven't played much of it yet beyond the opening level as I've been playing Xillia 2. Decided I didn't want to have too many games going at the same time. Went ahead and did so. My sisters will likely get a kick out of watching me play it and one of them played RE4 as well. I do, but I don't know much about that game other than it being some big multiplayer game so I wasn't sure. Will probably have to take another look at it. I tend to have done it for those too, but feel Inquisition warrants it more given the scale as you mentioned. I was really happy to read that as well. Have they? I don't recall anything in particular that was pushing it, but then I haven't watched every video for the game so I may have missed something. Yeah, and it would feel a bit annoying to have to redo the whole game just to experience it on that second time.

    Pretty much. Oh, what if we could do that in the game as an option? I'm not sure why it would be included, but it'd be neat to see.

    Yeah, I really hope they aren't that desperate or stupid to waste resources on such a thing. It's weird to think we're actually making some progress in that area. Yeah, I'd completely forgotten about Jump Festa and I think they've shown KH trailers in the past there as well. Also of note is that Type-0 HD will apparently be part of Sony's TGS conference. It'd be neat if they perhaps included on the disc a demo for XV when that game releases. Could help sell more units and appease those waiting.

    I know, it's things like that which confuse the hell out of me. Well, perhaps we'll get something by the end of the year in any case. Not so much anymore thankfully, and what dreams I do have I either don't remember all that clearly or aren't too bad.

    Now's the time to start giving out some facts, which undoubtedly will leave us with more questions than answers. Hopefully so and it would perhaps be a potential good move on their part to put her up front as it could potentially be used to make them look good. Actually, that could work quite well on the Military's end as well by perhaps framing her as someone that fought for the people despite her background.

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