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Conversation Between Dann of Thursday and KrimzonStriker
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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2019-06-17 23:39
    Dann of Thursday
    Apologies on the huge delay here.

    I'd imagine it will be sometime out this year in the fall perhaps. Haven't seen anything else yet.

    Yeah, but it still seemed like it wasn't totally back to normal and then you had Chamna dying and all those Geass fragments scattering. I don't think they're merged. I think she has an incomplete one like Lelouch does, which is why they have both. Her conversation with C.C. has some bit where her reason being twisted and that caused her Geass to change, which I guess sort of goes back to some stuff from the first season. That whole thing with the skull was weird in general. I don't know if we necessarily need it explored more than we generally have, but getting a better idea on the rules would be quite helpful. I think the idea is that a bunch of the souls present in C's World helped him out the first time when they were getting his memories back and then the second time when he was with Nunnally.

    I don't know, if you look at scenes where it is visible and then look at others it isn't present like at the end. It's either a weird animation error or it's vanishing/moving. If it's incomplete that may even make sense since it's never really made clear what benefit he gets out of it. That could make sense, but she seems to get them before he actually declares the order and we get the little brainwave change animation which I thought was interesting.

    Yeah, she seemed to know how it all worked when C.C. was explaining about Lelouch though perhaps not the specifics. Probably saw her get a killed a few times. Surprised we never saw Lloyd asking her questions about it since it seems the sort of thing he'd be intrigued by, though maybe it happened off screen or he never had the chance. He seemed pretty curious when she was explaining how it works. Yeah, thinking on it more it would make sense those sightings like that would be the source and perhaps just in general how conspiracy theories always turn up. You'd have thought she might do a better job of disguising him, though in that state it might have been too much of a hassle. Still wondering why they went for a movie specifically. The series was always super popular so I would imagine a sequel would have done well, though maybe a movie is more of a sure bet. I just find myself hesitant regarding that since it feels like luck this turned out as well as it did even with the problems.

    Oh yeah, they actually had Nunnally in that outright see the main universe or something, right? I'm not really surprised honestly. They were vague about it in the show and other works by Taniguchi have had stuff like this where it's left super vague on how some aspects to the world work.

    They sort of did though I guess they didn't outright state that's what those were. Curious if a bunch of random people are going to get Geass now. I wonder if they'll gather them together into a group and then fight bad Geass users. They could call themselves the G-Men or maybe G-Rangers. Isn't it just getting an OVA? I can't imagine the whole thing is going to be covered.

    I dunno, I could see them going the sad route and have that whole "die smiling" thing come to pass. Maybe they get a few years at least. It just feels like such an obvious thing to do I almost can't see them passing up on it.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2019-05-15 15:09
    No no no, I will not accept this now that the 10 year plan is out, now is the perfect time to reexamine each of the characters as they reinvent themselves, maybe visit places from C.C's past and get a better picture of everything, but I will seriously lead a fan revolt if this question isn't answered at some point over the course of the plan, I'm telling you Dann! That wasn't my impression C.C said Charles and probably Marianne since she appeared in the black pearl too, were acting as a wedge of some kind. Shamna based on what she said was primarily just trying to tap into C.C's world to expand her Geass power and basically rewrite history so I don't feel there was a direct link to her activities and what was happening with Charles and Marianne etc, so there's still hope. With Zilkhstan subdued we'll need more antagonists in the end for the future Dann, and Charles and Marianne would be perfect IMO as an overarching threat compared to starting from scratch again, it'll mean more and given the setup of Lelouch and C.C. investigating geass stuff it's pretty much perfect for them to remain as long running antagonists. If we're honest they didn't even appear that often in the series proper I will remind you, with maybe 2 episode of actual villany from Charles as an opponent and 1 for Marianne upon her return, so there's still plenty of juice there to squeeze I feel.

    I wouldn't mind one of two segments like that, the anime devoted a few episodes to such excursions after all. Don't know about an IGPX like transition though, long running fans are kind of used to the violence, conflict, and drama aspect so it might be too much to make a total shift there, but it might be nice to have it in some cases/form, who really knows though.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2019-05-15 15:00
    Yeah I saw the cam version recently. You might be right about the wording but reading through each line gave me some clarity, though not nearly enough. I think I read the home release by Funimation will be out some time later this year, how soon that is is still up for debate so we'll see.

    Yeah, that was intriguing though it sounded a lot like how Tatsuya's restoration power from Irregular of Magic Highschool works. I mean, it SHOULD still work since it getting back in order should just make it work as it did before compared to how C.C. drew on a remnant of it. Makes sense, but I still felt that meant she somehow got a Code to merge with her Geass given the new way it worked where she was effectively immortal still, but that's currently speculation on my part, and because she only died once her soul was trapped in C's world after Sharlio was killed as she wanted to wait for him before passing on. Meh, I always figured that part was because Akito's brother got it from a weird skull, suggesting he tapped directly into C's world for his Geass but that's just me. C's World is still just a confusing mess in general that NEEDS more exploration and explanation, I mean I'm still not sure wth saved Lelouch and Nunally at the end in their, who was he talking to, the collective unconcious bailing him out again like in ep 21/movie 3? I don't know cause they don't explain nearly enough once again! <_<

    That was mostly her shirt just getting in the way and weird animation I thought, the mark was still clearly there when he came back and after he used his Geass still, he just zipped up the front I figured. Oh that, that's happened where the Geass was used before a command was actually given and I thought it was mostly to showcase how Shamna (who kept her eyes closed throughout the revelation of Lelouch's Geass) looked into the reflection of the pool and only THEN got hit with the rings/Geass because she didn't realize Lelouch could reflect his Geass off a mirror surface.

    Oh yeah, Kallen Sayako Lloyd and Suzaku would have definitely already known about C.C considering Kallen hung out and learned the entire truth from her during the year long intermission and the latter 3 all worked for Lelouch and had encounters with Geass prior to then so that wasn't a big deal for me. I mean, Lelouch WAS wandering around with C.C as well while they were looking for code ruins so it's not unlikely that there were some sightings of him here or there that might have led to said rumors reaching Cornelia beforehand as well. Again, this all goes back to the time constraints and trying to finish so much after barely establishing the premise in the first half <_< Ah well, can always hope for those conversations and reunions in the future project, now the Lelouch is back hopefully they'll be more opportunities to incorporate such scenes between him, Kallen, the rest of the Student Council etc.

    Exactly! The character's actually could have been interesting and had deep backstory based on the premise as both a country and remnant of the order, given the type of depth R2/movie II and III missed out on. Wouldn't be surprised about that Dann, the whole alternative timeline thing was established even before now with the Nightmare of Nunnally manga after all <_< That was nice I guess, didn't really matter or make a difference in the end since Shirley was again off to the side once again... They had the opportunity though, and I'm starting to get really ticked off by all the teasing they keep doing about C's World and Geass stuff but never do any real follow-up or cut it short, if you're going to start something you should go all the way already... <_<

    Okkaayy, wish they'd explained that more in the actual movie but good to know and I'm interested in seeing what they both discover now about said fragments and what it means for them to appear in our world etc. I know that, I just hope they adapted the Oz story better. The premise of Oz was fine in certain respects but there were some serious plotholes, like justifying Kewel's sister surviving that somehow, why Schnizel didn't hold onto all the Knights of the Round instead of just Anya if they went to get his and Nunally's blessing first before their suicide attack, or how Lelouch would EVER give the Damocles key to his sociopath half sister given the truth of the Zero Requiem etc. Serious plot hole that should be swept aside in this new canon setting and not following the manga step by step, I'm telling you <_<

    That bit about C.C. dying isn't likely given she still retains her immortality currently, and I think if she dies then Lelouch dies again, they won't/can't leave each other alone and they're in this together for the long haul it seems as the ending of Resurrection ultimately showed. They'll be fine in the end, I have a good feeling about it
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2019-05-12 21:44
    Dann of Thursday
    I've pretty much accepted we are never getting that real name unless maybe she dies and he says it while she's dying. Eh, I think you can't have too many of those and as much as I like Charles I think it's fine to retire him and Marianne as well. Though I was unclear if they were still swirling around or if whatever Shamna was doing actually was restoring things.

    I'd actually really like if we had a slice of life series with the cast since I just enjoy watching them interact (I really liked the last scene in general but the fact that it started with Lelouch and C.C. bickering had me smiling). I also had this weird idea that maybe in lieu of using Knightmares for combat we could maybe see them get used as some sort of sporting event like IGPX or something.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2019-05-12 21:43
    Dann of Thursday
    Managed to catch both the sub and the dub version. Also found a cam of the sub (quality is okay), though hopefully we get a home release sooner rather than later. I was lucky to have the day off on Sunday for the sub. I don't know know that I'd say that. Some slight differences in wording, but I didn't think there was much different at all.

    Most of the Geass stuff in the film is incredibly vague especially the new stuff. We did get an explanation on how C.C.'s immortality works though, which is apparently that she draws from something like a backup from C's World. That bit actually made sense though I'm unclear as well on whether she'll be able to draw from it anymore since it seemed like C's World was getting back in order. But yeah, no acknowledgement on Shamna having a Code at all and all we get on her Geass is that it seemed to warp from it's original form, which C.C. indicated was due to her reason being corrupted. That would seem to indicate that what happened wasn't due to what Lelouch did, but I wonder if it's some sort of advanced form of Runaway Geass where it morphs into something else. It also put me in mind to Akito the Exiled with how the Caretaker referred to the antagonist's Geass (I can't remember the name) as warped/corrupted.

    Lelouch seemed just as confused on where he stood as well and they don't really address it either. I also noticed that his Code would sometimes seem to disappear like at the end, but he also seemed to have what seemed like a mark or scar on his neck? His Geass seemed about the same despite having a new animation, though something happened at the end with Shamna that I didn't understand. Her eyes had the Geass ring around them, we cut to Lelouch with his Geass active, but he didn't actually give the order to a sleep until a few moments later.

    I enjoyed it, though the movie was very much a fanservice sort of thing. It was weird at first with how accepting everyone seemed to be about Lelouch being back, though it seemed to be a combo of people who knew about C.C.'s immortality or due to rumors he never died. The latter sort of felt to me almost like little reference to the theories he was alive with the show after it ended. I thought the editing got weird in the latter half with how it would cut from one side to another (Kallen's final showdown with Bitool for one and how it was cut alongside some stuff in C's World). I felt there was a great lack in terms of interactions between the characters especially when it came to Lelouch. Suzaku probably had it the best with their talk on the water tower, but I was left wanting with everyone else. Some good stuff with C.C., but the utter lack of any real conversation between Kallen and Lelouch felt weird to me. She does say she doesn't know what to talk about, but I think you could have had a nice scene with him asking what she's up to as well as how the other Student Council members are doing at the very least.

    Overall, I agree that if this had been a short 12-13 episode series they would have had more time to devote towards those interactions as well as building up Zilkhstan up more. I didn't mind how they started skipping with the fight, though I kept wondering whether there's now a bunch of alternate timelines with how she kept going back. They also tease a bit about C.C. and Shirley having developed this rapport and I kind of wanted to see more of that. I'm not sure if they really would have gone into more detail on the Geass stuff even if they did have more time since they've always been vague about it all. I really hope we get a picture drama or something with the home release with some more interactions or something.

    I mean they'd already indicated that this and the new movie trilogy was going to be the start of something, though now with this 10 year plan we have more of an idea. Apparently those falling stars are the fragments Lelouch and C.C. are going after, though of course it's unclear what those even are. I'm pretty sure every member of the new Knights of the Round barring Nonette is from the Oz manga actually. It's kind of a shame they never animated Oz since it actually seemed fairly interesting, though maybe we could see that as one of the new projects. I kind of would have liked to see the moment C.C. revived him.

    I'm sort of wondering where you go with Lelouch as a character now, though I suppose now I have the renewed worry of seeing C.C. die and how that might affect him.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2019-05-07 22:25
    Yo, sorry for the late response, thought I should wait until after I see the Code Geass movie today to respond. I assume you did as well by now, any thoughts? Turns out you were right as they were only showing on those particular days and I only got tickets for the dub, the early afternoon showings for the Japanese version just weren't as convenient for me I'm afraid. That said I plan to watch the sub release whenever that comes out on DVD/Blu-ray later this year, I feel like a lot of stuff especially about World of C and Geass stuff might have gotten lost in the translation.

    If you didn't see the dub version I'll clarify there wasn't a LOT of explanation regarding how this combo of Code and Geass actually worked between Lelouch and Shamna (blonde lady) that was spoiled before, especially in the case of the latter who didn't even seem to acknowledge it in the dub at least. Given how her Geass worked though it seemed like it effectively combined with the immortality so I wondered a bit if that was the case with Lelouch but we'll see I suppose, she's not any definitive proof one way or another regarding that whole are they immortal now thing. Because even now the acknowledged rules about Codes and Geass were apparently thrown into question too, thanks to Lelouch erasing the Consciousness of man before in episode 21/movie III, so even C.C's continued immortality is apparently luck and shouldn't apparently work now even though it still does. I don't know anymore if Lelouch is immortal at this point, I guess we'll see which is why I'm glad there's good news on that front at least.

    Overrall I liked this movie, I just wanted more. This movie falters due to format, if they had had just a 12 episode season never mind 25 or maybe another two movies it could have done so much better by allowing time to flesh out the newer characters, create more backstory and world building regarding Zilkhstan and their splinter Geass faction, animate more of the action and strategies between Shanma and Lelouch instead of skipping past them after like the first 3 engagements, and get more reactions and interactions with Lelouch and everyone after his return instead of all these crazy fast reunions. Explain more about what the heck is going on with Geass, Codes, Code Geass in Lelouch and Shanma's case, and World of C stuff in general etc etc. We just needed MORE I felt and it could have been great with a longer format instead of just good as a single movie with a lot of fan-service that really only appeals for longtime viewers of the series.

    Ah well, hopefully we get more cause 10 more years of Code Geass is now planned, with Re;surrection apparently only being phase 1 they announced! I TOLD you this was going to be the new recanon Dann, they're going to continue where the movie left off now it seems They even did a weird thing of acknowledging those damn Oz manga only characters (freaking Kewel's sister is actually still alive, though that actually makes sense cause unlike the manga in the movies Kewel himself died as part of the Valkyries with Bradely instead funny enough). Anyway, I'm still just going to merge the anime and movies together still since there are no REAL differences besides Shirley, and given how little she did and how minuscule her contribution was to Lelouch's return I question even that difference cause a civilian somehow obtaining and carrying off Lelouch's body would be just as ridiculously suspicious as either Jeremiah or C.C doing it, and had no bearing on him actually being resurrected (cause Charles Code and C.C's actions all did or could have happened in the anime version too) so it was clearly just an excuse to give her something to do. Unless Mao shows up at this point, I really see no need to distinguish between the two formats since basically all the main plot points were still the same

    Nah Dann, there's still so many questions like C.C's real name (which everyone is still peeved hasn't been revealed yet) that we need to tackle along with these Geass and World of C questions, plus we can always create more anti-peace factions or reintroduce Charles and Marianne since they still seem to be swirling in the void of C, so I 'm thankful we'll be continuing on after all and seeing where it goes
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2019-04-22 20:56
    Dann of Thursday
    So far as I've seen, it's those three days and that's it. This doesn't have the same kind of appeal as DragonBall so I wouldn't expect much more than that. The sub is only for that Sunday with the dub on those two later days and I've seen no mentions of both being on the same day. I got tickets for both, though the dub could be tricky to get to on time given traffic that time of the day when I leave work.

    I guess they had a panel in Seattle over the weekend that had a showing of the film as well as the director in attendance with him confirming they have plans set for the next ten years for the series. So I guess the film is sort of a beginning for that. The only thing they teased was something about falling stars and a savior.

    Yes, it's apparently located where her womb would be and is considered an incomplete one like Lelouch's. The movie doesn't really explain what that means and it's left vague whether Lelouch actually is immortal. Could be he can grant Geass, but can also be affected by it and killed. Or maybe some sort of deal where he'll just not age or die by natural causes, but can be killed. The vagueness of it is honestly quite irritating and could be some sort of hook for a sequel.

    Seems that is what it is, though I would have been fine if they left it.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2019-04-16 22:12
    No prob, and totally understandable man.

    Woot, saw the trailer a bit earlier. Do you know how long the screenings are for exactly Dann? Are they just for those specific days you think? Cause I'd LIKE to try to see both the sub and dub on the same day personally, and am 50/50 after that trailer on which to see first. Probably the sub, but I am just so impressed they brought back so many of the original dub cast after 8-9 years like this.

    That is pretty low budget and loew viewership for Code Geass' target audience though and would probably be something more along the lines of OVA. The lady has a code? I only know the main enemy lady has a Geass, her brother's a whole mystery to me so far (and I thought Lelouch made her go to sleep according to the spoilers so that really doesn't say much if she's immortal or not?) It also could also be a metaphor for all we know, other things I've heard for the post credit was he was offering a contract, but who the heck knows until we see it for ourselves.

    Meh, I'm mostly hoping for the potential doors it opens up for future projects myself really. Hence why I keep calling it the new canon. Same as the old canon with minor tweaks to fit the current setting etc (Like Gundam Origins! )

    Huzzah, still makes it really hard to decide whether to go dub or sub now... <_<
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2019-04-16 20:04
    Dann of Thursday
    Dub trailer:

    Also, did you see all the Star Wars stuff over the weekend?
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2019-04-15 21:42
    Dann of Thursday
    Yo, sorry bout the delays. Just been super busy with work as of late.

    Looks like tickets are up for it, though some theaters they indicate has showing it near me don't have the option up yet, though some others do. I'd almost rather they not show up at all, though it seems they leave it open. It'd be nice if they perhaps did something a bit less serious in the future. I would actually quite like some sort of slice of life or more comedic series just focusing on the characters going about their daily lives. The movie seems sort of vague on what's going on with him to the point he's not even sure. I mean the one lady has a Code too, but it's also incomplete and she definitely dies. The post credits does have him mention something about taking Geass away, though whether that means just killing them or if that's a special ability he has I'm not sure.

    I'm curious to see it for myself though having read some summaries I can already see some issues. Some may be due to the time they have to address things, but others not so much. Eh, we'll see in a little under a month now.

    And they released the main cast and of it I see everyone from the original, though there are some minor characters who aren't listed.

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