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Conversation Between krisslanza and Laith
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  1. krisslanza
    2009-05-28 17:28
    Why does Sony always have to steal the good games... >_>
  2. Laith
    2009-05-28 17:26
    Yes Vesperia for PS3. Now with another party member, more Flynn, more artes, a double mystyc arte with yuri and flynn, Repede has costumes, the sword dancer, a new boss... the complete version of Vesperia if you will
  3. krisslanza
    2009-05-28 17:24
    Of course it will :P
  4. Laith
    2009-05-28 17:19
    As long as it still has yggdra and rosary, its cool.
    BTW hear about the new Vesperia version for the PS3 yet?
  5. krisslanza
    2009-05-28 17:12
    Been brainstorming myself. Think I'll end up switching gears heavily on Hiki and revise it over a total rewrite (again)
  6. Laith
    2009-05-28 17:11
    yes yes, you need to start writting again... and i need to start writing again too
  7. krisslanza
    2009-05-28 16:57
    Now I just need to start writing again eh? :P
  8. Laith
    2009-05-28 16:44
    Kriss~~ welcome back~~ congrats on graduationg~~
  9. krisslanza
    2009-03-28 13:31
    I was planning to do chapter 3 of Hiki. it MIGHT happen.
    Might. Maybe when I get back I'll actually finish it
  10. Laith
    2009-03-28 13:24
    Take care kriss, I will be missing ya~

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