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Conversation Between carmolita and Iron Maw
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  1. Iron Maw
    2016-01-07 04:22
    Iron Maw
    They are the main characters from a series of Japanese games called Kiseki (or Legend of Heroes Trails of games overseas) which I've recently become big fan of.

    There are seven games out which are currently divided into 3 arcs (which are named for the countries they are set in) that all take place on the same continent but different countries as follows:

    Liberl Arc: Sora no Kiseki (localized as Trails in the Sky) First Chapter, Second Chapter & The 3rd (yet to be released over here.)

    Crossbell Arc: Zero no Kiseki/Trails of Zero & Ao no Kiseki/Trails of Azure. None of these have been localize yet overseas.

    Erebonia Arc: Sen no Kiseki/Trails of Cold Steel 1 (just released overseas), Cold Steel 2 (to be released later this year).
  2. carmolita
    2016-01-04 19:03
    Hello Iron Maw I was wondering which anime/game characters is in your signature>

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