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Conversation Between carmolita and LKK
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  1. carmolita
    2010-06-18 18:43
    thank you
  2. LKK
    2010-06-18 18:25
    Sorry, but I don't know the latest about Saiunkoku. If you have access to LiveJournal, you may want to ask Kagedreams (aka Shadow Dreams) if she knows anything new. She's the only person I know who's been following the novels closely. You can find her LJ here:
  3. carmolita
    2010-06-18 18:12
    Hello LKK, I asked white manju bun as well, but do you know what's going on in the story of sauinkoku novels as of late - especially between ryukki and shueri- i seemed to have lost the blog link that had the summaries posted..??
  4. carmolita
    2009-12-04 12:41
    Because I love your style of writing, I could read it all day
  5. LKK
    2009-12-04 09:49
    I just read it this morning and answered. Basically what I said why don't you write the story? It sounds like you have foundation all worked out.
  6. carmolita
    2009-12-04 06:47
    lkk what did you think of my pm?
  7. LKK
    2009-12-02 22:39
    I still don't think that second time was a romantic indication. I think it was more likely that Naru was less annoyed at Mai. Remember, during the first time, Naru was pretty annoyed that Mai had broken his camera and was griping about helping him out. He wasn't in the best of moods that day.
  8. carmolita
    2009-12-02 19:36
    sorry the reason why I wondered if this scene [ the haunted house arc - she offered to help him w/ the equipment and he said "no, this isn't somthing a woman should carry"] was a romantic moment, was because in disk one when it came time to move the equipment he urged her to hurry up and carry it in not caring that she was a girl. Your opinion please? many thanks in advance for taking the time to awnser my questions
  9. LKK
    2009-12-02 13:07
    I'll send you a PM with some answers.
  10. carmolita
    2009-12-02 12:16
    thank you sooooo much, but I rewatched disk 1 of the ghost hunt again after reading the manga and noticed how shocked kazuya was when mai called him naru. Could it be that naru is the name of kazuya older brother?? if so could he be the one appearing in her dreams and not kazuya since he never smiles. And does kazuya have feelings for mai, becuase in the haunted house arc - she offered to help him w/ the equipment and he said "no, this isn't somthing a woman should carry"?? *hopes they have romantic moment*

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