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Conversation Between carmolita and azarhal
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  1. azarhal
    2010-04-23 06:32
    English fan translation can be found on baka-tsuki.

    There was a few fan made wallpapers in this thread. I never found much of them around though.
  2. carmolita
    2010-04-22 21:37
    By any chance do you know where I can read the english translation? I agree with you on the brain damaging part, I notice something new everytime I watch it...Despite the fact that I love watching it for layfon's hotness I've searched the web, but can't seem to find any wallpapers theat does the series justice ,,,,By any chance have you happen to come across any???
  3. azarhal
    2010-04-22 20:29
    Ain and Saya appear in the Legend of Regios mini-anime that was "bundled" in the Chrome Shelled Regios anime. If you are watching the subbed version, it's the weird "engrish" part that appear in a few of the middle episodes. Ain is the guy with the guns and the eye patch. He doesn't appear in CSR proper except for the fact that sometimes the mini-anime is used like a movie that the CSR characters are watching.

    As for other dimension, sort of. It get explain in vol. 13. I'm actually waiting for a proper translation to really understand how it work. I think Legend of Regios concepts are brain damaging on purpose too.
  4. carmolita
    2010-04-22 18:06
    Thank you for the responce, Does Ain ever appear in the anime? and why is it that saya in the anime appears to be in another dimension? Is it another dimension connected to the real world?
  5. azarhal
    2010-04-22 06:34
    Sorry for these delayed answers, didn't see that I had a new message notification until today.

    Neither the Manga nor the novels are translated into English yet, unfortunately.

    Spoiler for Rest under spoiler tag:
  6. carmolita
    2010-04-11 17:03
    Thank You Azarhal for awnsering my question in the chrome shelled regios thread.. I was wondering do you know if the manga/ novels are released in english yet?
    and if not can you please explain who SAYA is and is leerin kind of a reincarnation of her in regios?

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