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Conversation Between carmolita and blewin
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  1. blewin
    2010-04-19 06:26
    Vol 7 Ch 4 would be a good chapter to start. It starts off with the intercity match with Myath (which never took place in the anime). The main story follows through Vol 7, 9, 12- current Vol 14. As for pics, I'm not really sure. Go for google power.
  2. carmolita
    2010-04-16 18:02
    I was wondering if you knew what chapter I should start reading with, so that I don't read what's already been covered in the anime and do you know who has itor where I can find it,...and do do you have any coool pics of layfon's hotness
  3. blewin
    2010-04-12 20:09
    you'll find out more in Vol 14.
  4. carmolita
    2010-04-12 19:48
    augh have me on the edge of my seat ..but as much as I love being spoiled ...I just can't do it sooooooooo HOw far do I have to read to find out
  5. blewin
    2010-04-12 18:49
    hi carmolita. The novels are the original source of both the manga and the anime. The novels (up to Vol 15 atm) and manga haven't been completed yet. As for whom Layfon ends up with.... he's realised that he loves someone (do you want to be spoiled?), but that someone... well, let me know how much spoiler you're up to!
  6. carmolita
    2010-04-11 17:36
    Hello blewin I was reading your post in Chrome Shelled Regios (manga or novel section) and I just have to know...1) are the the manga or light heart novels complete and 2) does layfon end up w/ anyone or does it have yet to be resolved?

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