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Conversation Between LKK and wandering-dreamer
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  1. LKK
    2012-12-02 10:10
    Well that makes me feel a little better about missing Funi's credits. I can believe that they were late in starting credits translations. They have to jump through several hoops to get those credit names verified and approved. It takes a while for that process. I realized though that I spend most of my time while watching OPs & EDs trying to look through the text (Japanese &/or English) in order to focus on the images. So I really don't see what's written. I'm trying to look past the text.
  2. wandering-dreamer
    2012-12-02 00:15
    I think Funi only started translating credits recently and I'm not sure if they do it for every show. ^^
  3. LKK
    2012-02-14 09:30
    Happy birthday!
  4. wandering-dreamer
    2011-08-15 19:42
    Thank you for the chapters! For some reason I think they left out part of the story and now I really want to go and double check....
  5. LKK
    2011-02-10 22:48
    I saw that article a few minutes ago. I'm completely gobsmacked. Chi is perfect looking. Such a cute plushie. That lady is an expert.
  6. wandering-dreamer
    2011-02-10 22:03
    Saw this and thought of you (although it's knitted, not crocheted):
  7. LKK
    2010-11-22 23:19
    If I get a lyrics link, I'll be sure and let you know.
  8. wandering-dreamer
    2010-11-22 22:09
    If anyone does give you the link to the song translations for OYZ can you send them my way? I'm dying to know what they are but if CR doesn't sub the songs then the fansub groups usually don't either I've noticed.
  9. LKK
    2010-02-25 11:32
    The next ep will be a challenge. But Watanuki's appearance turned out okay. There was only the 1 minor spoiler about Yuuko which could be interpreted a couple of ways. Personally, I expect the TRC people to be little more than a cameo along the same lines as Watanuki's appearance was. In which case, it shouldn't be too hard to talk about it without major spoilage.
  10. wandering-dreamer
    2010-02-25 10:21
    Nah, I didn't think you were yelling at me on the Kobato thread, I just know there's a fine line when it comes to other CLAMP spoilers and figured it would be a good idea to change it since it had been brought up. I do wonder how hard talking about the next episode will be though.

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