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Conversation Between raile and BetoJR
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  1. raile
    2011-04-15 12:01
    Married men are not entered in the meter.
  2. raile
    2011-04-15 11:57
    Oh well, let him be.

    Well, they're at that age where everything that's pretty and pink is something one itches to have. XD I can't blame her, especially with today's current toys we never had in our days. Oh and Barbie is the best. Hmm...and with all those toys she has...I guess daddy's being a pushover, huh?.
  3. BetoJR
    2011-04-15 11:14
    It seems he's not happy around fans at all. And he's one of the biggest fanboys I've ever met, mind.

    And, yeah, it's a tough month. My daughter is all into Barbie and Polly Pocket dolls. I swear, there are more of these dolls in her rooms (the one in our house and the one in her grandparent's house) than I ever had toys, whatsoever. It's kinda crazy, really. Shelves upon shelves of Barbies, chests and sacks of Pollys and accessories and clothes and whatever... it's tough being a parent, these days. And every little thing she sees on TV, she goes "Daddy, can you give me that on my 6th birthday?" or "Daddy, can you give me that on my 7th birthday?" and so on. She's probably got present lined up until she dies of old age, by now...
  4. raile
    2011-04-15 10:15
    He's never happy when there's Sheryl fans.

    Wow, it is burn-all-your-money-for-the-month time for you.
    What do you plan to get your little princess? Birthday and Children's Day. XD
  5. BetoJR
    2011-04-15 09:12
    Yes, he is. And he's still not happy, it seems...

    Jeez, october is probably the busiest month of the year, as regards birthdays and celebrations, for me. There's my daughter on the 14th, my wife on the 25th, my mother on the 28th and there was my grandmother on the 27th, but she left us already. And there's Child's Day, when kids get presents just for being kids - and you notice how close that is to my daughter's birthday, yes?
  6. raile
    2011-04-15 05:15
    The angry man is back!
  7. raile
    2011-04-14 11:20
    Born on the 11th.

    It's an unfortunate coincidence alright....

    Tsku, where were they when we needed them pages ago?
  8. BetoJR
    2011-04-13 16:40
    So, little raileon was born in October, was she? Hmmm... Good Lord, that insufferable trolloc was born on the same day as my daughter. That's something I'd rather not know.

    And the mods are starting to take notice, again.
  9. raile
    2011-04-06 21:51
    Mitsuki is the best!!!

  10. BetoJR
    2011-04-06 14:35
    Yeah, she's something, alright. Gosh, I cannot bring myself to reply to her shenanigans...

    And, hurray for Mitsuki!

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