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Conversation Between wuhugm and WyrdMonger
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  1. wuhugm
    2020-04-06 04:42
  2. WyrdMonger
    2020-04-06 03:11
    Hey Hentaiga.
    Is there a thread where I can request for people to help me identify some manga?
  3. WyrdMonger
    2018-04-18 16:01
    Hey man.

    Ever heard of roleplaying?
  4. WyrdMonger
    2017-12-28 15:24
  5. WyrdMonger
    2017-10-23 18:05
    Hey man.
    Do you know anyone who can rranslate Japanese?
    Google translate can only translate what you can copy and paste.
  6. WyrdMonger
    2017-10-18 16:58
    Hey man.
    Presuming you have played high school VNs, can you list 24 archetypes?
    I need them for a srpg idea of mine.
  7. WyrdMonger
    2017-10-01 20:37
    Hey man.
    Do you know a game where the setting is a high school, and there are over 100 female characters?
  8. wuhugm
    2017-09-30 12:52
    And many many gangrapes
  9. WyrdMonger
    2017-09-30 11:40
    Will it put it on the same level as Attack on Titan and 40K?


    Another twisted idea.
    I like both anime, and table top minature games.

    So why not mix them together? Imagine all the cute moe girls, fighting against hordes of armoured marines, orcs, and corrupted warriors.
  10. wuhugm
    2017-09-30 06:46
    Please have many heroine rapes

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