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Conversation Between uis and KongZilla
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  1. KongZilla
    2009-11-05 19:24
    Hey, I know you're not that active here but can you join the Malaysian Social Group?
  2. KongZilla
    2009-08-16 19:02
    I'm not an artist but my father is! His name is Othman Hamzah! I just needed the pass so that I could be backstage! ^_^

    I got to meet J. Yantzen and Awie, it was cool!
  3. uis
    2009-08-16 10:50
    oh well... awesome pic...
    so you artist too... sing with Awie in concert ???
  4. KongZilla
    2009-08-16 10:46
  5. KongZilla
    2009-07-12 06:58
    I understand. Hehehe, I'm currently enjoying my stay here! And I have someone I like too~
  6. uis
    2009-07-12 06:53
    Nah i am not so active... But anyway i will active here until Disember before hibernate again lol...
  7. KongZilla
    2009-07-12 06:48
    Yeah, it sucks when members make fun of me just because I don't watch alot of anime... T_T

    But I still remember my good friends there so, nothing to worry about!

    Also, you're active here for a short while only?
  8. uis
    2009-07-12 06:46
    Poor you... Anyway i only active at AS when Moe season is coming (Saimoe Japan)
  9. uis
    2009-07-12 06:44
    Why you leave MAL ???
    Bored already ???
  10. KongZilla
    2009-07-12 06:44
    Because of some problems... members mocking me and stuff... T_T

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